Morrow signs agreement to start the construction of its Pilot Factory

Morrow Batteries and the Norwegian real estate developer Fabritius, have signed an LOI for the establishment of Morrows Pilot Factory at Eyde Energy Park in Southern Norway. The pilot factory will be operational in the first quarter of 2023.

«I am satisfied that we now are a step closer to establish our cutting-edge pilot factory at the centre of the Battery Coast. Our partner Fabritius has solid experience from multiple large-scale logistic constructions, and this agreement supports our ambitious timeline to establish world leading battery capabilities in southern Norway », says Terje Andersen, CEO at Morrow Batteries.

It is less than a year since Morrow decided Eyde Energy Park in Arendal as the location for its pilot and Gigafactory. Since then, Arendal municipality, Morrow and partners have worked intensively to get zoning plans and infrastructure in place before the construction start.

«We are combining Fabritius’ core business in real estate development together with Morrow’s battery knowledge to build the pilot factory, the first part of the planned Gigafactory in Arendal. At February 1st we will begin the construction. This will be a major milestone for the Norwegian battery coast and we are honoured to take part in the green energy transition with Morrow», says Asgeir Solheim, CEO of Fabritius.

Fabritius will buy the land from Arendal municipality, build and own the Pilot factory building. Veidekke is hired as a contractor, and building permit application will be sent in November. Morrow Batteries will enter into a 15-year lease agreement with the possibility of further extension and the option to buy back land and building.

The pilot factory is the first step towards a large scale giga battery cell factory (43GWh), and mark a new industrial era for Southern Norway.

The Pilot factory building will be 244 x 84 meters, and have a total of 23 500 square meters. In addition to the battery production facilities, the building will consist of an administrative part, that will be the entrance to the whole factory in the longer run.

«We are excited about the illustrations Fabritius have presented. It is important for us that the building is a good representation of what we are trying to achieve, so we can meet our customers, partners and the local community in the best possible way», says Andersen.

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