Luna wins major order for THz Solutions for battery manufacturing

Luna Innovations Incorporated, a global leader in advanced fiber optic and Terahertz (THz)-based technology, announced that it has won a large, new purchase order for its THz sensing solution for application in automotive electric vehicle (EV) battery production.

In efforts to keep pace with the growing demand for these solutions, Luna is also announcing completion of the transfer of production of THz solutions to its Atlanta, Georgia facility where it expects to achieve four times greater capacity.

Scott Graeff, President and CEO of Luna Innovations, said: “With electric mobility fast becoming the cornerstone of our global transportation landscape, the demand for reliable and efficient EV batteries has reached unprecedented heights.Our THz solutions represent a major step forward for in-line, real-time measurement of critical thickness and density parameters during production. We are very pleased to announce our progress with this major win and the associated transfer of production to our rapidly growing Atlanta facility.”

Luna’s THz sensing technology utilizes electromagnetic waves between microwaves and infrared light that can be used to measure multi-layer thickness and density of opaque materials. THz waves are intrinsically safe and non-destructive making their use ideal for real-time monitoring of multi-layer industrial processes like those found in the production of EV batteries.

With high-speed measurements of moving samples, high precision thickness measurements of single and multi-layer material structures, multiple communication protocols and I/O options, dual parallel optical channels for multiple simultaneous measurements in either reflection or transmission, and a powerful and user-friendly, application-oriented software platform, Luna’s model 5600 “T-Ray” is the industries’ only THz solution purpose built for industrial application.

The recent significant order for new units produced in Atlanta is for delivery throughout the remainder of 2023.

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