Lotte develops technology to improve lithium-metal battery stability

Lotte Chemical said it applied for domestic patents on its new technology aimed at enhancing the stability of lithium-metal anode materials to be used in next-generation solid-state and high-energy-density lithium-metal batteries.

The company’s innovation focuses on a “separator coating material manufacturing technology” based on polymer-based solid-state electrolytes. The technology involves coating functional materials that improve lithium-ion flow onto the separator of lithium-metal batteries, ultimately enhancing battery durability.

When the batteries are in use, lithium accumulates on the anode surface, forming dendrites—a tree-like crystal structure—that hampers the movement of lithium ions, thereby reducing battery efficiency and lifespan.

The newly developed technology inhibits the formation of dendrites, ensuring the long-term stability and durability of lithium-metal anode materials. It also has an over 90 percent capacity retention after 500 cycles, projecting more than a 30 percent improvement in durability compared to conventional separators without coating. In addition, this technology enables the use of existing lithium-ion battery manufacturing equipment, thus reducing investment costs when building production facilities for next-generation semi-solid and solid-state and high-energy-density lithium-metal batteries.

Lotte Chemical entered a joint development and equity investment deal with Soelect Inc., a lithium-metal anode material development startup based in the United States, in 2021. The duo achieved this technological advancement thanks to collaborative research that lasted over two years.

Technology application tests are underway in collaboration with domestic and international lithium-metal battery-related firms and universities.

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