L&F of Korea obtains license from CAMX Power for its GEMX® advanced cathode material platform for lithium-ion batteries

L&F Co., Ltd. (L&F) of Korea and CAMX Power LLC (CAMX) of Lexington, Massachusetts, USA, announce that following LG Energy Solution Ltd. and Samsung SDI of Korea, L&F has obtained a license for the very first time as a Korea based cathode materials company under the intellectual property of CAMX relating to the GEMX® platform of nickel based high-energy high-power cathode materials for use in lithium-ion batteries especially for electric vehicles (EVs).

The GEMX® platform is based on fundamental inventions of CAMX for which key patents have been granted globally including the US, EU, Korea, Japan and China. The GEMX inventions, through molecular engineering, place Cobalt, Aluminum, etc. at the critical places of the cathode particles resulting in the use of less Cobalt, yet with greater stability, higher performance and lower cost for all classes of high nickel materials. GEMX enables a broad class of cathode materials, by enhancing the high nickel chemistries NMC, NCA, NMCA, and LNO currently used, and expected to be used in the next ten years or more, in lithium-ion batteries for EVs. Its derivative products have been branded as gNMC®, gNMCA®, gNCA®, and gLNO®.

Cathode material is the key enabler of Lithium-ion batteries, accounting for more than 50% of the cell cost. In less than ten years, the global demand for it is expected to reach three million metric tons annually and then increasing, with annual sales well exceeding US$60 billion. Only a handful of companies across the globe can and do supply this critical material. L&F is one of the few and has positioned itself well for increasing its market share. CAMX is privileged that L&F has added the GEMX platform to its choices of cathode materials for use in their offers especially for EVs,” said Dr. Sahin, Founder/President of CAMX, concluding, “Instead of attempting production ourselves, by working with eminent and established companies like L&F, CAMX can see its inventions rapidly and more broadly come to market for the benefit of society especially in the environmentally beneficial connected and self-aware EVs poised to dominate transportation and become a multi-trillion dollar industry in itself. Unquestionably L&F as one of the key companies in this space, by combining GEMX with its other cathode choices, will help make EVs better, more affordable, and have much longer range for the greater benefit of consumers and the environment.”


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