Kindred Motorworks partners with KORE Power on battery modules for electrified vintage cars and trucks

Kindred Motorworks, the San Francisco Bay Area producer of modernized vintage vehicles, has partnered with Idaho-based KORE Power, a developer of battery cell technology, to supply battery modules for the electrified models in the Kindred lineup. The first two vehicles that will benefit from this partnership are the Kindred VW Bus and the Kindred Chevy 3100 pickup truck, both of which are offered exclusively as EVs.

Kindred Motorworks selected KORE Power’s VDA 355 format battery modules. These compact, standardized modules—available in 2P6S, 3P4S ane 4P3S configurations—feature integrated sensors for voltage and temperature monitoring. Selecting the VDA modules gives Kindred Motorworks the flexibility to build custom battery enclosures that complement the architecture and design of different classic cars and trucks.

The modular design also means that Kindred Motorworks will be able to change and upgrade battery chemistries based on future improvements without having to alter the design of its vehicles’ battery enclosures and other related systems.

KORE Power is constructing its first US-based manufacturing facility outside Phoenix, Arizona. The KOREPlex will more than double Kore Power’s existing cell-production capacity, with deliveries of US-manufactured battery modules beginning in 2024.

Kindred Motorworks’ first EV model, the Kindred VW Bus, is available for pre-order now. Its second EV, the Kindred 3100 pickup, will be available for pre-order later this month.

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