KiloVault releases line of pure-lead-carbon AGM batteries

According to SolarPowerWorld, Massachusetts-based KiloVault last week unveiled its new PLC series​ of pure lead carbon, sealed AGM, deep cycle batteries. Designed for optimum performance in Partial State of Charge (PSoC) applications, the PLC series is ideal for residential or light commercial off-grid, backup or self-consumption applications.

PLC batteries use a specially formulated carbon additive that enhances the battery’s energy density and life expectancy. High charge rates allow a PLC 2100 to go from 50% up to 90% state of charge in under an hour. The PLC series offers affordable and durable performance, with a cycle life of 3000 cycles at 50% depth-of-discharge. A PLC has a low self-discharge rate, with 2 year shelf life. All these factors contribute to a lower cost per kWh cycle over the life of the battery, when compared to similarly-performing lead-acid batteries.

Each 12-V PLC has a capacity of 2,160 Wh, and up to four units can be wired in parallel. PLC batteries can be used in 12-, 24-, or 48-V configurations, to be made compatible with any inverter.

The PLC 2100 has a wide operating temperature range, and can charge at temperatures between -4°F and 113°F, and discharge at an even greater range, from -40°F and 131°F. Because the PLC is an AGM battery, it does not require regular watering. No water to check means convenience and peace of mind.

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