Ionic Mineral Technologies partners with ANDRITZ on mass production of nano-silicon battery materials

Ionic Mineral Technologies, a US-based producer of nano-silicon anode powders, has partnered with international technology group ANDRITZ to mass produce critical battery materials for next-generation lithium-ion batteries.

The partnership aims to scale Ionic MT’s nano-silicon production methodology to meet the surging demand for battery materials that enable faster-charging, longer-range lithium-ion batteries.

Ionic MT intends to leverage ANDRITZ’s automation and simulation as well as dewatering, drying and acid regeneration technologies to manufacture Ionisil, a naturally derived nano-silicon anode material for lithium-based batteries that enhances anode capacity up to eightfold and significantly accelerates charging speed.

The partnership will transition Ionic MT’s patented nano-silicon production technology into a large-scale, continuous manufacturing process that yields more than 20,000 tons of Ionisil per year.mdenough to supply more than 2.5 million EVs annually.

The collaboration aims to achieve up to 99% recycling of chemicals used in the Ionisil nano-silicon production process through technologies engineered by ANDRITZ. Alumina and magnesium waste streams from Ionisil production are planned to be converted into value-added by-products, contributing to a circular economy. An ANDRITZ site-wide control system and operational readiness package will suppor consistent product quality while optimizing resources utilization.

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