InoBat and Poggipolini sign MOU to establish basis of long-term strategic partnership and co-operation between the companies

InoBat, the European pioneering supplier of premium batteries for electric vehicles, and Poggipolini, an innovative R&D company and technical consultancy with expertise and manufacturing capabilities across industrial, automotive, motorsport, aviation and aerospace sectors, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a basis for future strategic and technical cooperation.

InoBat and Poggipolini are leading innovators with complementary networks, expertise, and manufacturing capabilities across major growth industries. The strategic agreement will help align both companies’ current abilities, allowing them to enhance client-offerings across several areas:

  • Combine Poggipolini’s lightweight components and InoBat’s high density cells to drive electrification of aviation and automotive fleets;
  • Pool knowledge to accelerate the development of electrification solutions for clients in the automotive and aviation sectors, especially regarding battery module and pack design solutions; and
  • Drive innovation capitalising on both companies range of high-tech facilities including InoBat’s Voderady R&D Center and Poggipolini’s Bologna Speed Up Lab.

Specifically, the agreement will draw on InoBat’s experience across cell design, chemistry, tailored performance, cell to module integration and prototype manufacturing capabilities. Likewise, Poggipolini will offer expertise across lightweight automotive components, digital solutions, special manufacturing processes and 3D printing competence.

Marian Bocek, Co-Founder and CEO of InoBat commented: I am excited to partner with a company like Poggipolini. Both InoBat and Poggipolini pride themselves on innovation and both have a desire to contribute to an environmentally sustainable future. Poggipolini’s approach to ethical social responsibilities, and its impressive innovation in structural parts and high-tech verticalized systems, gives me confidence that both companies will be ideal partners in exploring the development of electrification solutions that can only accelerate our net zero ambitions across Europe and beyond.”

Michele Poggipolini, CEO of Poggipolini spa commented: Sustainability is a sharing of values, and I am very grateful to Marian and his team for choosing to accompany me and our team on a visionary path towards the mission of creating and delivering the most Advanced E-Mobility solutions for high performance vehicles. We are ready to challenge the zero emissions target with a team among the best in the world. The partnership between Poggipolini and InoBat will greatly enhance our research center in open innovation. We are pleased to welcome in InoBat to our Speed Up Lab.

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