HERE Technologies and Eco-Movement partner to improve EV charging experience globally

HERE Technologies, a data and technology platform, has entered into a partnership with Eco-Movement, a provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging station data, to create faster, fresher, and more accurate charging experiences for EV drivers globally.

Finding reliable charge points when you need them most can be a challenge for EV drivers, resulting in frustration and wasted time. To address this problem, HERE and Eco-Movement are focused on delivering precise, up-to-date charge point data to the automotive industry that leverages real-world testing, artificial intelligence, vehicle sensor data, and charging station user feedback.

HERE will integrate this data through its full suite of products that offer an integrated and seamless end-to-end user journey for EV drivers. HERE is recognized across the automotive industry for its standard and high-definition mapping, navigation, and location-based services. Eco-Movement is the leading specialist in EV charge point data aggregation and processing. This collaboration with Eco-Movement, in addition to HERE’s own global EV charge point sourcing, results in one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive charge point data repositories, with over one million single charge points monitored across more than 100 countries.

With HERE and Eco-Movement, automakers can offer EV drivers access to even more accurate and real-time information on charge point specifications and their availability.

To address the challenge of finding compatible vehicle charge points, HERE and Eco-Movement have incorporated eMobility Service Provider (eMSP) support. This feature allows EV drivers to easily locate charge points supported by their specific charging service (e.g., OEM Charge Cards) by exposing only applicable charge points so that drivers aren’t left guessing which chargers they can or cannot use.

In addition to a predefined set of more than 200 global eMSPs, HERE also offers to EV OEMs a bring-your-own-data (BYOD) option to support custom eMSP listings in their branded navigation solutions to EV drivers

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