Gotion and InoBat sign MoU to develop joint venture EV battery cells and packs

Gotion High-Tech, the innovative manufacturer of batteries and energy storage solutions in China, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with InoBat, the European pioneering supplier of premium batteries for electric vehicles, to explore Joint Venture opportunities in revolutionizing EV battery and energy storage technologies, including co-development of a gigafactory with cell and pack production capacity of 40 GWh.

With technical superiority, complementary capabilities and a shared sustainability ethos, Gotion and InoBat will look at ways to work together on several key common topics of interest.

Through the cooperation following the MoU, InoBat benefit from Gotion’s expertise in electric storage solutions (“ESS”) whilst Gotion will benefit from InoBat’s existing manufacturing sites and expansive market connections in Europe to facilitate Gotion’s internationalization. By working together in mutually beneficial areas, both companies aim to devise new and exciting technologies to accelerate the global charge towards a green energy future.

Gotion High-tech is a world-leading provider of new energy solutions. It focuses on the R&D, production and sales of EV lithium-ion batteries and ESS batteries and ranks among the top in China and the global market in terms of comprehensive strength. Gotion High-tech has global operations and has partnered with Volkswagen, Tata Group, Vinfast, and Jinko.

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