GODI manufactured first batch of Li-ion cells for the first time in India

Marking a new beginning in Indian history, India battery cell maker GODI announced it has produced its first batch of commercial grade NMC 21700 lithium-ion cells at its factory in Hyderabad, India. NMC 21700 cells are the first to have been fully indigenously designed, developed, assembled, and manufactured at homegrown Indian battery company.

Mahesh Godi, Founder and CEO said: “This is History! The first batch of Li-ion battery cells out of GIGA-GODI. For the first time in history, in less than 2 years of inception of the company, GODI has manufactured NMC 21700 commercial-grade advanced lithium-ion cells. As a New Year Gift to EV OEMs & ESS Markets, I dedicate the GODI success to all its Colleagues and the Nation. I wish more companies to flourish and successfully commercialize the advanced lithium-ion and Sodium-ion cells to create a carbon-neutral environment! Happy New Year”.

Commercial grade sample cells will be available to OEMs for their testing and validation, soon. Commissioning and upscaling of the production facility will continue through 2022 and bulk scale commercial customer deliveries will be made in late 2022. GODI plans to build 5 GWh factory within next 3 years and 45 GWh within 5 years.

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