Forsee Power launches ZEN LITE, a new ultra-high energy density battery system for heavy vehicles

Forsee Power – the French expert in smart battery systems for sustainable electromobility – is launching a new offer of high value-added battery systems, ZEN LITE, at the occasion of the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo event, opening today in California.

The ZEN LITE battery system was developed by Forsee Power’s R&D engineers to meet the specific needs of 350 V heavy electric vehicles whose battery market is growing rapidly. Forsee Power’s new ZEN LITE battery system with ultra-high energy density will be available in two pack options of 54 kWh and 47 kWh, in one single format.

Its compact size and exceptional volumetric density of 258 Wh/L make it the ideal battery solution for 350 V powertrain vehicles such as light and medium electric trucks, short buses, and off-highway vehicles. Moreover, with the possibility of connecting two packs in series, ZEN LITE is also a great solution for heavy vehicles of 650 V and 800 V when the available space is limited.

Equipped with the same electrical and mechanical platform as ZEN PLUS, the ZEN LITE system incorporates the latest, higher power NMC cell technology that allows charging flexibility: overnight charging for all-day operation, or fast charging to 50% in less than 20 minutes. This opportunity charging solution is particularly suitable for companies whose fleets make operate with limited break time at the depot.

Ecodesign is at the heart of Forsee Power’s R&D policy. These new packs not only ensure a very competitive lifespan, but they are also designed to facilitate repairability. As an example, the removable electronic unit on the front makes it easy to repair hence optimizing vehicle availability. Also, at the end of their first life, ZEN LITE batteries can be used in stationary energy storage systems for several more years.

Forsee Power engineers ensure the safety and reliability of the battery systems, taking into account the applications and conditions of use. The safe and robust design of the ZEN LITE range complies with the ISO 26262 ASIL-C road vehicle functional safety standard as well as many stringent road and industrial standards such as R100-3, R10-6, ISO 12405, SAE J2464, among others.  Forsee Power benefits from a very international and scalable industrial footprint to meet the needs of a booming market. The heavy-duty vehicle battery market addressed by Forsee Power will grow by 25%1 per year between now and 2028, driven by increasingly stringent regulations, increased demand for zero-emission solutions and high-performance technological solutions with more and more autonomy.

The Group has located the production of its batteries as close as possible to its customers’ assembly plants, thus significantly reducing the carbon footprint linked to transport and limiting delivery costs and times.
The production sites also provide battery maintenance services, in addition to remote diagnosis.

Already present in Europe and Asia, Forsee Power announced in 2022 its installation in the United States to serve the Americas zone. This local production of Forsee Power battery systems will also align with the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) aiming to accelerate transportation electrification – and therefore climate change mitigation – in the United States. The Group plans to reach a production capacity of 3 GWh in Columbus, Ohio by 2028, adapting its product offer to the local market.


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