Ford expands BlueOval Charge Network with Francis Energy, Blink and Red E

Ford has announced an expansion of more than 22,000 chargers to the BlueOval Charge Network, bringing the new network total to more than 106,000 chargers and growing. The company is now adding access to three new charging providers: Francis Energy, Blink and soon-to-be Red E, further expanding convenient charging options for Ford EV customers across the US and Canada with embedded charger routing and simple payment options via the FordPass App.

The addition of the new charging providers, along with continued growth from existing charging network participants, includes more than 1,700 new DC fast-chargers and more than 20,300 Level 2 chargers since Ford’s last charger count update in May. The network now includes access to more than 11,800 fast-chargers, with plans for significant additional DC fast-charger growth starting in the Spring of 2024.

The addition of Blink, Francis Energy and Red E bring more than 10,000 new chargers to the network, including more than 550 new DC fast chargers. The remaining BlueOval Charge Network expansion comes from steady growth from existing charging network providers, which include Shell Recharge Solutions, Electrify America, ChargePoint, EVgo, EV Connect, FLO, and Electric Circuit.

The BlueOval Charge Network, North America’s largest public charging network by an automaker, is a “network of networks” that provides Ford EV drivers with access to a variety of charging providers without the need for multiple apps and memberships. The network provides one seamless stored payment account through the FordPass App, or the in-vehicle’s touchscreen via Charge Assist, that eliminates the need for onsite credit card use. Once owners have created a BlueOval Charge Network account, they can then select, activate, and pay for charging by using the FordPass “Find Chargers” function. Ford customers can enjoy trip planning and routing through FordPass Power My Trip on both the App and in the embedded navigation system.

For commercial customers who need to charge on the go at a public charger, payment and billing will continue to operate seamlessly with Ford Pro Intelligence software. The software enables fleet operators to easily set up a single Public Charge Management account for centralized billing, charging logs and monthly invoicing, allowing them to manage charging costs no matter where their drivers power up.

Ford also is sharing an increase to the estimated number of Tesla Superchargers being added to the BlueOval Charge Network next year from 12,000 previously announced to more than 15,000, and growing. These fast, reliable chargers will be available next spring to Ford EV customers via an adapter, which will become available on early next year. Pricing is yet to be announced.

Additionally, Ford Model e dealers are adding public-facing fast-chargers to dealerships across the US and Canada, providing new locations to the BlueOval Charge Network by early next year.

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