Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin visits the Pikkala plant, Prysmian Group’s flagship energy transition cable plant

Prime Minister Sanna Marin visited Prysmian Group Finland’s factory in Pikkala, Kirkkonummi, on Saturday 22 May 2021. Prysmian Group, Milan, Italy, is the world’s largest manufacturer of electrical and telecommunications cables. The company employs approximately 570 people in Pikkala and Oulu.

“We are particularly honoured to receive the visit of Finland’s Prime Minister in such an important moment for the Pikkala plant, as it is positioning itself as the Group’s centre of excellence for the energy transition, while improving the sustainability of its operations and people management processes,” commented Javier Arata, Prysmian North Europe’s CEO.

The plant is strategic for Prysmian Group because it is a centre of excellence for production of high-tech cables to be installed in land and submarine interconnections for both onshore and offshore wind farms all over the world. Indeed, Pikkala is responsible for the production of high-, medium- and low-voltage land and submarine cables. It is one of Prysmian Group’s four submarine cable plants in Europe, along with Arco Felice (Naples), Nordenham (Germany) and Drammen (Norway). With the aim of further supporting the development of new infrastructures for the energy transition, Prysmian Group has been continuously investing in Pikkala and new important investment for the coming years has already been approved.

Pikkala is also considered Prysmian Group’s flagship factory for the energy transition thanks to its green energy consumption. Hundred percent of the energy used at Pikkala will be from certified renewable sources. The plant’s new on-site biomass heating system will cut its annual CO2 emissions using recycled wood from sources such as Prysmian’s own cable transport drums after they become unsuitable for industrial use, one of the steps Prysmian Group is taking on its “race to net-zero”. To further reduce CO2 emissions, Pikkala’s corporate auto fleet is now completely made up of hybrid or electric vehicles, reflecting the Group’s overall targets.

Using renewable energy at Pikkala will help Prysmian Group meet several goals on its Sustainability Scorecard for 2022: to cut CO2 emissions by 2-3%; to recycle as much as two thirds of its own waste; and to reuse 27% of its own drums. Starting from 2020 and for the next three years, Prysmian will invest around €450 million to further improve the sustainability of its organisation and supply chain, and to accelerate the development of advanced cable technologies, as well as assets and services. Energy consumption reduction, circularity and waste recyclability are key in Prysmian’s efforts.

With respect to sustainability, the Group is also strongly committed to People Management and Diversity & Inclusion with the aim of further enhancing its human capital made up of around 28,000 employees worldwide. Prysmian believes in the value of individuals, backgrounds, leadership styles and attitudes because each person has the potential to generate value to the Company. Its global footprint enables the Group to promote an inclusive environment, encouraging the development of corporate culture and identity. Side by Side is Prysmian Group’s project that promotes Diversity & Inclusion across the organisation.

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