EVE Energy opens industry-leading R&D center of battery technology in Guangdong, China

EVE Energy, one of the world’s leading battery technology companies, recently inaugurated a CNY2 billion research and development center in Huizhou, Guangdong province, after 16 months of construction.

The 145,000-square-meter center houses the company’s Power Battery Research Institute and the Battery System Research Institute, along with electrical performance and safety testing centers as well as R&D labs. The facility will carry out precision testing as well as analysis of cylindrical and prismatic cells, along with battery management and energy storage systems.

“EVE’s headquarters R&D center in Huizhou is an electrochemical energy research base of global significance that will cater to market demand,” said EVE Chairman, Dr. Liu Jincheng. “The company has built five focused research institutes to date, along with institutes researching equipment materials and mobile energy technology. EVE is slated to complete a comprehensive R&D structure related to electrochemical energy systems by the end of 2023. EVE will make every effort to establish itself as the world’s most innovative lithium battery enterprise, making historic contributions to the sustainable development of humankind,” he added.

Huizhou’s Vice Mayor Li Bingsheng congratulated EVE on the completion of the R&D center, pointing out that “the event is a milestone achievement for Huizhou municipal government, Zhongkai High-tech Zone and EVE for deepening strategic cooperation and building a CNY100 billion new energy battery industry cluster in the city.

Huizhou is of great significance to the improvement of the new energy industry chain in Huizhou and enhancing the industry’s overall competitiveness,” he added.

During the event, EVE shared details of its latest technologies and new product developments in its large cylindrical cell, “π” battery system, lithium metal secondary battery, solid-state battery, as well as sodium-ion battery, and hydrogen energy technology.

Xu Yuebin, Director of Cylindrical Battery Research Institute, provided an introduction to the company’s new generation of large cylindrical cells with an energy density of 350Wh/kg, capable of ultra-fast charging in nine minutes, which greatly improving the battery performance overall. EVE’s pilot line for the large cylindrical cells has produced more than half a million samples, with an overall superiority rate of 92%.

Dr. Xu Yuhong, Vice President of the Power Battery System Research Institute, then presented the “π” battery system at the event. Based on CTP integration technology, the “π” system features a 10% weight reduction and energy density of 260Wh/kg by employing new high-efficiency composite materials and adhesives.



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