Epsilor to unveil upgraded version of its Li-ion 6T batteries and a soldier wearable network system

Epsilor Industries Ltd., Bet Shemesh, Israel, a globally recognized manufacturer of smart batteries, chargers and tactical power systems, will showcase an upgraded version if its COMBATT lithium-ion 6T NATO-standard batteries at the LAND FORCES International Land Defence Exposition, which will take place in Brisbane, Australia, June 1–3, 2021.

Epsilor’s COMBATT 6T batteries provide significantly higher energy capacity than all other batteries in this category currently in the market. The batteries have undergone rigorous on-board testing.

Epsilor’s 6T batteries are installed onboard some of the platforms that are currently being evaluated by the Australian Defence Forces (ADF) as part of several acquisition programs.

The batteries will be presented by its Australian distributor eCastle Pty Ltd, Fyshwick, Australia, in the following configurations:

  • Li-Ion NCA 4.2kWh battery – ELI-52526-C – designed for long silent watch missions, offering the highest energy capacity in the world.
  • Li-Ion LFP 2.5 kWh battery in a metal case – ELP-02426-M – designed to meet the rigorous safety requirements of the US Army.

Epsilor will also present at LAND FORCES its soldier wearable power and communication system NETWALKER, which will be offered to the prime contractors that are participating in ADF’s LAND 125 Soldier Combat System tender.

NETWALKER is a third-generation development of the Soldier Wearable Integrated Power Equipment System (SWIPES), which was originally developed for the US Army over a decade ago, and deployed in tens of thousands of units since winning the Best Army Invention award in 2010. NETWALKER manages and transmits power to all wearable equipment carried by a digital soldier. In addition, NETWALKER transmits hi-rate data on the same set of cables, supporting separate secured networks and different communication protocols such as USB, ETHERNET, SMBus, etc.

NETWALKER is offered in several configurations:

  • Soldier Wearable miniature system with up to 6 channels of up to 200W
  • Deployable field system with up to 10 channels of up to 1,000W

NETWALKER will be presented by Australia’s Point Trading.

“We view the Australian market as an innovative arena of new defense technologies,” Epsilor president Ronen Badichi said. “The Australian Defense Forces (ADF) are going through a massive modernization that incorporates modern fighting vehicles, artillery systems, soldier systems, deployable infrastructure, and more. In all these systems, the ADF requires modern smart power sources.”

“Epsilor’s offering covers the whole range of energy and power sources required for deployable land forces, as well as mass charging and soldier equipment that meets international and specific Australian requirements,” he added.

About Epsilor

Epsilor is a globally recognized developer and manufacturer of custom and standard batteries, chargers and mobile power management systems for the defense, aerospace, IOT and marine markets. The company offers a wide variety of electro-chemistries, smart electronics and sophisticated battery management systems (BMS). The company’s products have won several international awards for their innovation and smart operational approach. Epsilor is part of the US-based Arotech Corporation.

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