Envision AESC to supply EV cells to BMW South Carolina plant

BMW Group will spend $1.7 billion to expand its manufacturing complex in Spartanburg, South Carolina, to produce electric vehicles powered by battery cells from Envision AESC.

The plan includes a $1 billion investment in the German automaker’s existing U.S. manufacturing and assembly complex in Spartanburg, and $700 million to build a battery assembly facility in nearby Woodruff, SC, says Oliver Zipse, BMW Group Board of Management chairman.

“For decades, Plant Spartanburg has been a cornerstone of the global success of the BMW Group. It is the home of the BMW X models that are so popular all over the world,” he says. “Going forward, it will also be a major driver for our electrification strategy, and we will produce at least six fully electric BMW X models here by 2030.

Envision will produce newly developed round lithium-ion battery cells specifically designed for the sixth generation of BMW eDrive technology. The new battery format will increase energy density more than 20%, improve charging speed up to 30% and enhance range up to 30%. CO2 emissions from cell production will be reduced up to 60% through the partial use of recycled lithium, cobalt and nickel material, as well as renewable energy for production.

The expansion of BEV and battery-cell production in the Spartanburg area will lead to the creation of new supply chains, new networks for sub-suppliers and new jobs throughout the entire region, Zipse says.


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