Enevate announces production license agreement with CustomCells, a major milestone in commercializing its breakthrough Battery Technology in Europe and the Rest of the World

Enevate, a pioneering battery innovation company enabling extreme fast charge and high energy density battery technologies for electric vehicles (EVs) and other markets, announced a production license agreement with CustomCells to commercialize and further scale-up Enevate’s silicon-dominant XFC-Energy® battery technology for transportation, mobility, and other product applications.

CustomCells, a German battery cell manufacturer, is an innovation driver in the development and manufacturing of application-specific battery cells. The company is a key enabler in the mobility sector, supplying six of the world’s ten largest automakers and six of the top 10 German automotive suppliers. CustomCells has plans to manufacture at multiple sites globally in GWh capacity for a variety of applications in the coming years. Based on flexible manufacturing concepts and state-of-the-art research and production facilities, CustomCells provides high-tech battery solutions customized to the customer.

This production license agreement with CustomCells is the next key step in accelerating Enevate’s technology toward commercialization. CustomCells has built cells with Enevate silicon-dominant cell technology and the two companies have had joint commercial discussions with leading OEMs in the e-mobility sector.

Enevate’s breakthrough silicon-dominant battery technology delivers up to 10 times faster charging than conventional lithium-ion batteries while enabling high energy densities along with a variety of other benefits, including improved safety, low cost, low-temperature operation for cold climates and reduced carbon footprint. Enevate’s technology is compatible with state-of-the-art battery manufacturing equipment, and does not require pre-lithiation or new capital-intensive production processes. With its extreme fast charge capability, Enevate’s technology allows batteries to charge in as fast as five minutes while delivering industry leading energy density and performance.

“Combining CustomCells’ world-class manufacturing capabilities with Enevate’s ultra-high-performance battery cell chemistry will enable our companies to jointly grow in multiple key mobility market segments. This license agreement is an important milestone for CustomCells to accelerate the industrialization of this high-silicon anode technology,” said Dirk Abendroth, CustomCells CEO.

“Enevate looks forward to our collaboration with CustomCells to commercialize the Enevate technology addressing the final hurdle to widespread electric vehicle adoption, by offering extreme fast charge, high energy density and improved cold temperature performance,” said Enevate CEO Bob Kruse. “We are extremely proud to establish this partnership to supply the transportation and specialty markets with CustomCells. It shows the trust our partner has in our technology and further validates Enevate’s business model.”

The license agreement will allow Enevate and CustomCells to provide breakthrough battery solutions to tackle the ever-increasing demands of the global industry and to continue to push the limits of performance, while simultaneously improving cost and sustainability. This partnership will increase market penetration by providing affordable revolutionary next-generation battery technology for a variety of applications.

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