Enevate and Lightning Motorcycles partner to commercialize a breakthrough battery for an electric motorcycle that charges nearly as fast as filling a gas tank

Enevate Corp, a pioneering battery innovation company featuring extreme fast charge and high energy density battery technologies for electric vehicles (EVs) and other markets, has announced that it has partnered with Lightning Motorcycles to equip Lightning’s Strike Carbon motorcycle with Enevate’s EV-sized extreme fast charge advanced lithium-ion cells.

As part of product validation, Lightning integrated a 24-kWh battery pack with Enevate technology into the Strike Carbon e-motorcycle. 400 Amps were delivered at a charge rate nearing 5C. These blazing fast specifications result in a charge time of less than 10 minutes for an additional 135 miles. The charging time for similar production electric motorcycles is usually one to four hours. The pack was assembled using 47Ah Enevate pouch cells that began sampling in the second quarter of 2022.

The Strike Carbon prototype equipped with Enevate battery technology has successfully demonstrated the combined capabilities of the two companies, with now over 1,000 miles on the road while “refueling” at 350kW public charging stations. Importantly, the Lightning team led the system development and was able to integrate Enevate’s battery cells into the Strike Carbon platform to create the prototype. Lightning’s engineering team has been partnering with Enevate’s scientists and engineers since last year and have conducted numerous road tests.

I want to thank our partner Lightning for their expertise and agility in developing state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions which enabled us to deliver this high-end, ultra-fast charging motorcycle,” said Enevate CEO Robert A. Rango. “For the consumer, this means that riders of electric motorcycles with Enevate Technology can now ride all day alongside conventional motorcycles without being left waiting hours at the charger.

This has been an outstanding partnership with Enevate as together we push the boundaries in e-motorcycle innovation by achieving the fastest motorcycle charging rate reached from a public charger,” said Lightning Motorcycles Corp. CEO and Founder, Richard Hatfield. “For myself, and everyone at Lightning, building our products and company not only provides us with the opportunity to be part of something bigger and better, it also allows us to contribute to progress in the relentless effort to save our planet.”

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