Energous’ latest FCC certification nearly doubles the power that can now be transmitted wirelessly

Energous Corporation, a leading developer of RF-based charging for wireless power networks, today announced that its new 10W WattUp PowerHub has received U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Part 18 grant of equipment authorization for 10W of conducted wireless power transfer. This approval allows for higher power transmission, safely delivering higher charge levels to wirelessly powered devices. The FCC certification follows the recent regulatory approval received by Energous in Europe and nearly doubles the amount of power that can be transmitted wirelessly in the US.

2021 has proven to be a breakthrough year for distance wireless charging, and the team at Energous is extremely proud to be leading the way,” said Cesar Johnston, acting CEO of Energous. “As the pace of digital transformation accelerates, artificial intelligence and other edge processing are pushing the power requirements of connected devices to higher levels. With solutions from 1W to 5.5W and now 10W, Energous’ world-leading wireless power technology portfolio allows us to provide a complete platform solution for wireless power networks where traditional wired or battery power is not an option. This is a significant accomplishment, as it opens potential new opportunities for the wireless charging of billions of IoT devices across emerging consumer, retail and industrial markets.”

The number of IoT devices in the world is projected to nearly triple in the next decade, with analyst firm Statista forecasting the category to grow from approximately 9 billion this year to well over 25 billion by 2030. Additionally, analyst firm IDC predicts that, by 2025, IoT devices will deliver 6x the amount of data they did in 2019, from about 14 zettabytes to nearly 80 zettabytes. This data will range from small bursts reporting device health or status to large unstructured data files from devices like video surveillance cameras. Powering this growing ecosystem presents a challenge for manufacturers of IoT devices, which increasingly require more power due to edge and other processing demands. Additionally, the often-remote location of these devices makes traditional power sources such as direct wired connection or batteries either impossible or impractical. Energous’ WattUp wireless power network technology is a highly scalable solution that can support a variety of devices at various power levels.

FCC approval for Energous’ 10W WattUp PowerHub Transmitter follows recent regulatory approvals for the company’s technology, including approval in Europe and by the FCC for its 1W WattUp PowerBridge transmitter for wireless power transfer at any distance as well as European regulatory approval for the 5.5W WattUp PowerHub. Together these global approvals expand the ecosystem reach for Energous’ wireless charging technology, which provides a robust and scalable wireless power network for a wide array of devices, from asset tracking tags to electronic shelf labels to industrial IoT sensors.

Capable of charging multiple devices simultaneously at-a-distance, Energous’ WattUp technology enables a variety of wireless charging scenarios for industrial, retail and healthcare applications with 1W, 5.5W and 10W power levels. WattUp is the only RF-based wireless charging solution with regulatory approvals in over 100 countries and has wireless charging solutions for both near field as well as far field charging.

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