Echion’s first OEM collaboration produces powerful results for hybrid bus battery technology

Echion Technologies Limited, Cambridge, United Kingdom, has concluded original equipment manufacturer (OEM) technology trials of its second-generation 12.5 Ah Mixed Niobium Oxide (MNO) cells with excellent results. The technology trials were carried out by vehicle-electrification specialist Vantage Power, Greenford, United Kingdom, an Allison Transmission company, as a battery technology candidate for its hybrid bus and commercial vehicle electrification systems.

The 12.5 Ah pouch cells were designed by Echion using its proprietary niobium-based anode technology, constructed by technology partners, and tested against the stringent requirements for a hybrid bus battery pack by Vantage Power. During these technology trials, the cells were subjected to a rigorous series of performance and safety tests, in direct comparison with their existing battery pack design containing commercially available cells.

“Working together with Echion and University of Cambridge on this project, we have validated the performance of the superfast charging anode technology and demonstrated significant improvements in charge power,” said Toby Schulz, Director, Electrification & Systems IRD, Vantage Power. “Two iterations of cells were tested, both of which showed impressive results and promise for fast-charging and high-power applications.”

During trials, Echion’s cells were able to achieve over 20% improvement in charge power across 90% of the SoC window vs. the superfast charging capabilities seen in its first-generation 3Ah demonstrator cells. Furthermore, the inherently safe nature of Echion’s niobium-based anode materials were confirmed during the tests, which included the commonly performed nail penetration test. “Beyond these initial results, working with Vantage Power to produce and test our first 12.5 Ah cells has given us an incredible amount of new data to work with, and also confirmed that we have a highly capable set of supply chain partners to help us scale up,” said Loubna El Ouatani, Director of Products at Echion.

In the hybrid bus market, and hybrid powertrain industry in general, improvements in fast-charging capability enables more energy to be captured during regenerative braking, increasing overall system efficiency, and decreasing the weight and size of batteries required. This delivers lower upfront costs and faster return on investment over the lifetime of the vehicle. Echion and Vantage Power look forward to continued collaboration in this space.

About Echion Technologies Ltd

Spun-out from The University of Cambridge in 2017, Echion is a world-leading developer of advanced lithium-ion battery materials, whose products enable cell manufacturers to deliver cost-effective, fast-charging, high-energy density and long-life power cells for a wide range of markets including automotive, premium consumer electronics, and grid-storage applications.

Echion provides materials and battery cell manufacturers with packages of protected intellectual property, customisation options, materials synthesis and cell integration know-how and for different end-user markets.

About Vantage Power

Vantage Power, located in London, U.K., technology with a focus on the medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicle sector. Its technology helps ensure that a low carbon, low emissions future is possible. Vantage Power was founded in 2011 by Alexander Schey and Toby Schulz.  In 2019, Vantage Power was acquired by Allison Transmission, the world’s largest manufacturer of fully automatic transmissions for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Together, the two companies combine the strength and worldwide footprint of a major tier one supplier with the speed and agility of a high-tech growth company in order to deliver innovative products and exceptional value to its customers.

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