Echion Technologies to supply LIRON Power with XNO® anode materials

One of the world’s leading supplier of niobium anodes Echion Technologies and Singapore based LIRON Power which specialises in  the research, development, design and manufacturing of Li-ion cells and packs, have announced a two-year supply agreement, with options for a further extension.

The agreement will see Echion supply its proprietary XNO® anode materials, to LIRON Power, enabling the cell manufacturer to produce Li-ion cells with market-leading safety, cycle-life, and fast-charging capabilities. LIRON Power will also benefit from expert XNO® product development support from Echion technical experts. This agreement supports the operation of LIRON Power’s soon-to-be-commissioned pilot factory, with the view to ultimately expand to the giga-scale and service ASEAN markets.

Jean de La Verpilliere, CEO of Echion, said: “We are pleased that LIRON Power chose XNO® for its next generation cell design, and are excited to support the company during this period of expansion and growth. Echion’s innovative battery anode technology, XNO®, delivers exceptional performance improvements in LIRON Power’s cells, delivering a unique combination of high safety, extreme fast-charge and discharge capability, and a long cycle-life. We look forward to seeing how our relationship with LIRON Power progresses in the coming years.

Goh Hak Wei, CEO of LIRON Power, said:  “We are pleased and excited to enter into this collaboration with Echion. We strongly believe that Echion’s breakthrough in developing high performance XNO® niobium-based anode material will address the many short falls in current lithium batteries, such as fast charging constraint, low safety and short cycle life issues. With this unique, new-to-market anode material, we are optimistic in developing the next generation of battery cell technologies and to meet market expectation. We are confident to launch commercial production in the near future and to be one of the first to introduce this technology to the e-mobility market.”

Echion’s niobium-based anode material, XNO® delivers lithium-ion battery performance highly suited for industrial, commercial and high value applications that demand the highest up-time, lowest total cost of ownership and maximum performance. XNO® enables lithium-ion batteries that can safely charge in less than ten minutes, maintain high energy densities even at low temperatures, and deliver high power across a cycle life of more than 10,000 cycles. Applications powered by XNO® include battery electric and hybrid trains, mining haul trucks, high-demand buses and delivery vehicles as well as applications in motorsport and space.

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