E-LIFT to announce new smart and sustainable Pop-Up charging station at CES® 2022

E-LIFT, a Rotterdam-based smart hardware company that manufactures EV charging solutions for vehicles and boats, will introduce their new customizable GS Pop-Up Station during the CES® event from January 5 to 8 in Las Vegas. The company will branch out into North America with their retractable charging station, which is unique of its kind. It is available with up to four plugs for simultaneous EV charging and several personalization options. Additionally, it can be equipped with sensors that link to E-LIFT’s Sustainable and Smart Energy Management System (SENSE).

The SENSE platform functions as the adaptive and modular management system for users’ mobility and energy needs in times of transition. Consumers can log into the system to remotely monitor and manage their mobility and energy consumption data, resulting in a cost-effective energy transformation that is beneficial for governments and companies looking to reshape their future with the use of renewable energy resources. The SENSE platform connects to the GS Pop-Up Station and the entire range of products in E-LIFT’s portfolio, which includes a variety of charging stations suitable to any setting, such as power generators, solar panels and batteries for energy storage.

We are thrilled to announce our Pop-Up Charging Station at CES®2022 and to show the world what smart hardware can do in combination with a sustainable digital infrastructure,” said Patrick Oranje, E-LIFT co-founder and CEO. “We sincerely believe that our vision, products and services make the mobility and energy transition accessible and beneficial to all. Moreover, E-LIFT will help businesses and governments create a greater impact on society. By introducing new concepts, business models and delivering tangible results, customers and citizens can increase efficiency in their day-to-day activities, ultimately resulting in an improved mobility experience and smarter energy use.

This year E-LIFT will deliver solar panels and batteries to create a future-proof smart grid to meet the needs of local, regional and national communities. These products will dually function as a power source and power storage point, supporting a sustainable and smart energy ecosystem. Additionally, they will enable users to store excess energy for later consumption or sharing across homes, buildings and businesses.

With its smart grid, E-LIFT will leverage proven and new technology to help generate solutions for global environmental challenges. The company will facilitate the integration of renewable energy and mobility networks with greater intelligence to support international environmental goals and the transition towards a low-carbon economy.

According to Arthur Dallau, E-LIFT co-founder, Business Development & Partnerships, “We are on a clear mission during CES® 2022. Through partnerships, we want to reinforce and promote the responsible use of technology to improve current and future generations’ lives and build a brighter future. As industry innovators and leaders, our duty is to make the energy and mobility transition a reality. We have the conviction that our corporate responsibility consists of creating a balance between financial and societal value. For this reason, E-LIFT is presently collaborating with partners not only to develop a circular production process for all of our products as part of our sustainability strategy but also to become a frontrunner in co-developing industrial symbiosis in several continents.

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