DOE AMO awards Amprius $1M to advance manufacturing process of nano-wire silicon anodes

Amprius Technologies, a developer of ultra-high energy density lithium-ion batteries with its Silicon Nanowire Anode Platform, was awarded a $1-million grant from the US Department of Energy (DOE)’s Advanced Manufacturing Office (“AMO”) to be used to mature further its process for manufacturing nanowire-based silicon anodes. This represents the third grant from the DOE, following two previous grants that Amprius received from the DOE’s Vehicle Technology Office.

This funding will support Amprius’ high-throughput source-less plasma deposition of structured silicon anodes for lithium-ion batteries. The program will enable Amprius to accelerate the development of its high-volume production process for its nanowire-based silicon anode using a deposition system presently in use today for manufacturing solar cells.

The grant will promote the maturation of its technology to achieve Amprius’ goal of high volume, low-cost ultra-high energy density battery production that significantly increases yield and throughput. The current energy density levels when using Amprius’ silicon nanowire anode technology are more than 1,150 watt-hours (Wh)/liter and 450 Wh/kg.

This DOE grant extends Amprius’ track record of securing federal government funds to continue to develop this technology.

The 100% silicon nanowire anode is a direct replacement for graphite anodes. The rest of the battery components and manufacturing methods leverage the established global supply chain for lithium-ion batteries.

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