Chemours plans $200M investment to expand capacity and advanced technology for Nafion ion-exchange materials

The Chemours Company is planning a $200-million investment to increase capacity and advance technology for its Nafion ion exchange materials to support the hydrogen economy. Accelerated climate ambitions and energy challenges have fast-tracked demand for hydrogen power and fuel cell technology.

Chemours’ investment will support growing market demand for clean hydrogen generation using water electrolyzers, energy storage in flow batteries, and hydrogen conversion to power fuel cell vehicles of the future.

The investment will focus on the Nafion ion exchange materials technology platform. Nafion membranes play a role in three key energy industry areas: fuel cells, energy storage, and hydrogen production. Each of these options allows engineers to leverage the unique characteristics of Nafion membranes, including varying thickness, strength, electrical conductivity, and durability.

Chemours is committed to leadership in responsible manufacturing, and this capacity investment will contribute to its goal of shifting the company’s product portfolio to offerings that contribute to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

Chemours is evaluating potential locations in the United States and Europe for the investment in accordance with applicable regulatory frameworks and is particularly interested in supporting the local communities where they operate.

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