Cabot Corporation to open new battery application technology center in Europe

Cabot Corporation plans to establish a new technology center in Münster, Germany. The new technology center will focus on technical collaboration with customers in order to accelerate application innovation for Cabot’s battery materials product lines within Europe.

The new EMEA Technology Center will enable Cabot to enhance its battery materials development capabilities and continue to strengthen its technology engagements with other participants in the battery industry through enhanced collaboration and innovation with battery manufacturers, electric vehicle (EV) customers and partners in Europe.

In addition, the center will feature advanced testing equipment to provide best-in-class technical application capabilities to serve the battery industry globally. The EMEA Technology Center is expected to commence operations by April 2023, with a planned expansion to be completed in 2024.

Cabot continues to develop innovative solutions for current and next-generation battery technologies such as high-nickel cathode, silicon-containing anode, dry and aqueous electrode processing, and solid-state battery materials. Cabot has commercial sales with the top global battery producers and these innovations have further enabled Cabot to build strong partnerships with battery producers.

Shen Yi, vice president and general manager for Battery Materials, states: “We already have established conductive carbon additive (CCA) manufacturing and commercial capabilities in Europe, and our new EMEA Technology Center will enable us to collaborate more closely with our customers and offer faster development times and extensive testing and trialing in Europe. This area represents an attractive choice to expand our battery R&D capabilities to support the enormous growth in battery and EV production throughout Europe while driving closer partnerships with battery producers and automakers. With battery production forecasted to grow approximately 50% annually over the next four years, our new EMEA Technology Center is well-positioned to support the immense growth in batteries and help accelerate the transition to EVs.”

The center will support developments for Cabot’s full range of CCA products, including conductive carbons, carbon nanotubes (CNTs), and carbon nanostructures (CNS), as well as blends and dispersions. CCAs provide a pathway for electrons to move within the anode and the cathode which enables charging and discharging. The center will also support other Cabot product lines that support the battery market, including fumed alumina for separator and cathode coatings, and aerogel for thermal management.

To further its battery material efforts in Europe, Cabot is also a member of the European Battery Alliance (EBA), which focuses on creating a competitive and sustainable battery cell manufacturing value chain in Europe. With a network of more than 800 participants covering the entire battery value chain, the EBA provides a unique platform for Cabot to engage with stakeholders from industry, government agencies, and academia to help Europe capture and supply the growing battery market.

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