BYD launches Battery-Box Premium LVS with unparalleled ease of use and versatility for on- and off-grid installations

BYD Battery-Box Premium LVS

After the successful market launch of the HVS, HVM and LVL in Q1 2020, the highly anticipated low-voltage model of the Battery-Box Premium LVS series of energy storage systems, offers unprecedented flexibility for both system capacity as well as application scenarios. In addition, the system’s plug-and-play functionality – eliminating the need to open the system’s Power Distribution Unit (PDU) for wiring – revolutionizes the installation. The system also fulfils most stringent industry standards such as VDE 2510-50, PV Magazine Australia reports.

The Battery-Box Premium line is based on BYD’s lithium-iron phosphate (LFP) technology for maximum safety, life cycles and power. The new Battery-Box Premium LVS, is aimed at self-consumption optimisation for residential and light commercial on and off-grid applications including capabilities for high-powered emergency-backup, single-phase and three-phase is scalable from 4 kWh to 256 kWh.

The new low-voltage line offers a number of new functions. It features the patented modular design allowing maximum flexibility and ease of use. The Battery-Box Premium LVS is therefore the first model to bring the extremely user-friendly installation feature to the off-grid space. Another new feature is that even the Power Distribution Unit (PDU) does not have to be opened for cable connections. Installers can simply stack the modules of the system on top of each other “lego-style” without any internal wiring. In additional to saving installation time, the plug-and-play system also minimizes the room for errors.

The Battery-Box Premium LVS comes with an external BMU. Even up to the maximum number of 64 connected modules only one BMU is needed to collect all the data of the different batteries and to communicate as interface with the inverter. In addition to ease of use this also provides cost benefits as only one BMU is required for the installation instead of one unit per system. The Battery-Box Premium LVS is compatible with a wide variety of leading 1- and 3-phase battery inverters.

Compared to the predecessor LV models, the new low-voltage system has a 14% higher usable energy output of 4 kWh, a 12% higher output current and six times the total capacity with up to 256 kWh. The system’s footprint is also 12% smaller, using less floor-space. LED indicators as well as remote monitoring and error diagnosis capabilities via a BYD App simplify the commissioning.

The system is also in the process to receive the VDE 2510-50 certification – the strictest safety standard in the energy storage industry. The complete Battery-Box premium line is also short-listed for the 2020 EES award.

“At BYD we always strive to equip our customers for future demands while providing them with the most powerful, robust, and flexible solutions possible”, said Julia Chen, Global Director BYD Battery-Box. “The new Battery-Box Premium LVS system covers even more application scenarios and can be universally used across the EU, Asia, Australia and Africa, thus generating cost and delivery advantages through the higher volume and scale effects. We are very pleased with the positive feedback we have already received from partners and clients and the short-listing of our Battery-Box Premium line for the prestigious EES award.”

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