Bosch eBike Systems maintains exemplary safety standards following New York City’s enforcement of the Lithium-ion Legislation Package

Bosch eBike Systems, a global leader in eBike technology, reaffirms its unwavering commitment to battery safety following the recent enforcement of New York City’s Battery Safety Legislation Package.

Proudly already certified to the UL 2849 and UL 2271 safety standards, riders who own a Bosch-powered eBike as well as retailers can have peace of mind as the new legislation is enforced. Bosch eBike Systems views applying safety standards to the eBike electrical system as being essential, as the criteria set forth in the standards reduce risk of fire, electric shock and mechanical hazards.

The new legislation represents a significant step forward in enhancing the safety of eBike batteries within the city. The New York City law, enacted on March 20, 2023, and in effect beginning September 16, 2023, requires all lithium-ion batteries to adhere to the UL 2271 standard, which covers the safety requirements for the design, manufacture, and testing of lithium-ion batteries used in light electric vehicles.

The UL 2849 standard tests and certifies the complete system — including the drive unit, display unit, interconnecting cables, charger and battery — for electrical, fire, and mechanical hazards, in addition to evaluating the software monitoring and maintaining safety functions.

“Bosch eBike Systems goes above and beyond the strict legal requirements, with certain tests, and pays special attention to battery safety throughout the entire value chain,” said Kunal Kapoor, Bosch eBike Systems Senior Manager of Quality & Compliance. “For peace of mind, the entire Bosch eBike system is certified to UL 2849 since 2021, which is a standard covering the electrical system of eBikes powered by a lithium-based, rechargeable battery. Bosch eBike batteries are also certified to UL 2271 as required by New York City law. UL 2849 and UL 2271 have strict requirements for electrical shock, mechanical and fire hazards. Furthermore, the high-quality lithium-ion batteries have a Battery Management System (BMS) that detects significant potential sources of error and effectively protects cells against overheating.”

Bosch embodies a heritage synonymous with innovation, quality, and, above all, safety. The eBike Systems division perpetuates this tradition by delivering dependable products riders can rely on. Additionally, thousands of bike shops and over 100 bike brands around the world trust in Bosch eBike systems to power their products. Safety is the heart of Bosch’s innovations, reinforcing Bosch eBike Systems as the rider’s trusted choice globally.

“I firmly believe that the New York legislation is a significant stride in the right direction for the safety of all New Yorkers, and the standards of the entire nation” said Chris Nolte, Founder of Propel, NY. “It’s a source of immense gratitude for us, having navigated the eBike industry for years in collaboration with Bosch. Early on, we recognized the absence of standardized practices and Bosch stood out as a pioneer in shaping these crucial benchmarks. While many companies are only now beginning to embrace these standards, we are deeply thankful and proud to have been working hand in hand with Bosch, who has been at the forefront setting the bar high for the industry.”


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