BLUETTI Highlights Innovative Energy Storage Solutions at RE+ 2023

BLUETTI, a pioneering provider of energy storage products, announced its participation in RE+ 2023 (Solar Power International), North America’s largest clean energy event. From September 11-14, BLUETTI will display its latest energy storage solutions, contributing to a sustainable energy future.

Under the theme “Renewing what’s possible,” RE+ 2023 gathers top companies and experts in the clean energy sector to present cutting-edge solutions. BLUETTI will take center stage, showcasing its upcoming EP800 system ahead of its official release on September 15.

The EP800 off-grid battery system provides 7,600W of power for both 120V and 240V home appliances. Its modular design allows users to choose from two to four B500 battery packs for up to 19,840Wh of capacity. Households of all types could have customizable backup power for blackouts and optimize energy consumption with its peak load shifting feature. Some with solar systems could benefit even more. Featuring a 9,000W solar input, it helps to store free solar energy for overnight use or other times when the grid fails.

Unlike many other complex battery systems, the EP800 is easy to install and use. Within hours, it is up and running under the roof or in the garage. Its reliable LiFePO4 battery and NEMA4X rating allow it to withstand the test of time and weather. BLUETTI also gives it a worry-free 10-year warranty.

BLUETTI’s new arrival is further evidence of its strong R&D capabilities. The EP800’s predecessor, the EP900, an on/off-grid 9,000W system, has proved a hit with the market. Using the same B500 batteries, the EP900 also has a flexible capacity ranging from 9,920Wh to 19,840Wh. What distinguishes the EP900 from the EP800 is that the EP900 supports grid connection, with which users can sell excess solar power back to the grid for additional credits.

Besides large home energy products, BLUETTI’s portable solar generators like the camping companions EB3A, EB55, EB70S, and the midsize AC200P have been widely recognized. At RE+ 2023, BLUETTI will spotlight two new offerings – the water-resistant AC60 and the powerful AC180. Both generators have garnered rave reviews since their debut, and their offline versions will be available this September.

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