BatteryLoop has received an order of six energy storage systems.

With increased electricity prices and lack of power in the country, solutions like energy storage systems becomes more important. Stena Fastigheter has ordered six BatteryLoop energy storage systems BLESS™ I, including service agreements. The six systems are going to be delivered to Gothenburg, Malmö and Stockholm.

We are currently facing challenges with higher energy costs and lack of power. BatteryLoop’s energy storage systems can offer support both locally to real estate and with balancing the electricity grid. Therefore, BatteryLoop can be part of the solution for the increased challenges we are facing in the electricity market,” says Rasmus Bergström, CEO BatteryLoop.

BatteryLoop’s energy storage systems enable local benefits such as storing solar energy at real estates with solar panels, supporting charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, reduce power-peaks and enables the real estate to become more self-sustaining. BatteryLoop gives EV-batteries a second life in their energy storage systems designed for reused premium batteries, together with their proprietary developed digital service platform they create benefits in a sustainable way.

All BLESS™ I´s in the order are 176 kW with an installed energy of 295 kWh. The combined storing capacity of the six energy storages is 1 770 kWh, which equals 360 apartments daily requirement of household electricity.

This shows the benefits our systems create for our customers. It is a huge opportunity for us, and we are very happy about our expansion. The opportunity to create more benefits in more cities and both in electricity market area 3 and 4”, Rasmus continues.

By investing in energy storage systems, Stena Fastigheter is not only supporting their own real estate, but they also support the electricity grid. By charging the energy storage system during hours with less electricity demand and partially using electricity from the system during peak hours, the energy storage can unburden the grid. During hours with a lower electricity demand the price if often lower which enables the real estate owner to reduce their electricity costs.

“We have high targets to become self-sufficient in self-produced electricity for our properties and tenants, and for us sustainability is a strong driving force for innovation. Through our new battery storages from BatteryLoop we get, with modern technology, the opportunity to store our self-produced electricity, cut power peaks, improve profitability and reduce our climate footprint”, says Cecilia Fasth, group-CEO at Stena Fastigheter.


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