Battery recycling, Stellantis inaugurates its first circular economy hub in Turin, Italy

Stellantis has celebrated the official opening of its SUSTAINera Circular Economy Hub (CE Hub) at the Mirafiori Complex in Turin, Italy.

The hub is part of the automaker’s decarbonisation target of reaching carbon next zero by 2038. The automaker says the primary objectives of the Circular Economy Hub are to extend the life of parts and vehicles, ensuring that they last for as long as possible.

When that is no longer feasible, the material is collected for recycling from the remanufacturing activity, and from the end-of-life vehicle dismantling activity and returned to the manufacturing loop to build new vehicles and parts.

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares said: “We know that our commitment to remanufacturing, repairing, reusing and recycling will not only take pressure off our planet, but it will also bring financial value to Stellantis.”

Chairman John Elkann added: “This additional investment of our company here in Turin demonstrates the commitment of Stellantis to Italy in the context of the evolution of our industry, and also the ability of our communities to renew themselves by building their future.”

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