Battery analytics

In this section, you will find charts and graphics with global data related to the battery industry, energy efficiency, metals, raw materials and electric vehicles: forecasts, projections, comparisons, models, etc. 

Author: CicEnergiGune, April 2021

Author: CicEnergiGune, April 2021

Author: Roland Zenn, January 2021

Q1 2021 European Gigafactories Update

Author: IHS Markit, January 2021

Global lithium battery demand will be driven by electric vehicles


Author: European Commission, January 2021

European Commission approves €2.9 billion public support by twelve Member States (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden) for a second pan-European research and innovation project along the entire battery value chain

Author:, January 2021

Metal and graphite intensities for major lithium-ion battery cathode types (NMC 111, NMC 622, NMC 811, NCA, LFP): graphite, phosphate, iron, aluminium, manganese, nickel, cobalt, lithium.

Author: Eurometaux, January 2021

Metals: the key raw materials of Europe’s energy transition. Tonnage of extra metals demanded by 2050 global climate technologies, and % increase in 2050 global metals demand vs. today’s global production.

Author: Cruz Cobalt Corp., January 2021

Clayton Valley ownership map (Nevada, United States)

Author: Stanford Hsu, January 2021

Automakers and their announced EV investments through 2025

Author: California Energy Commission, January 2021

Author: / MIT, January 2021

Average carbon dioxide emissions per mile

Author: Stanford Hsu, January 2021

Capital raised by some EV manufacturers

January 2021

BEV range km/kWh vs. vehicle weight

Author: Roland Zenn, January 2021

ADAC – Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club (the German Automobile Association): electric vehicles range and consumption – 2021

Author: McKinsey & Company, January 2021

Primary energy demand per fossil fuel (million TJ)

Author: BloombergNEF, January 2021

BloombergNEF’s Global lithium-ion battery supply chain rankings

Author: Roland Zenn, November 2020

Dawn of European gigafactories: announced lithium-ion battery cell production sites

Author: Thomas Mueller, November 2020

German-Australian critical minerals resource agreements

Author: Roland Zenn, September 2020

Solid state battery Companies & Technology

Author: Roland Zenn, July 2020

Electric Vehicles: joint-ventures between automakers and lithium-ion battery manufacturers

Author: BloombergBNF, June 2020

Annual lithium-ion battery demand – 2030

Author: US Geological Survey, January 2020

Countries with the largest nickel reserves in 2019