BATTERY 2030+ presents the long-term research roadmap

BATTERY 2030+ of Battery Initiative is a large-scale cross-sectoral European research initiative bringing together the most important stakeholders in the field of battery R&D. The initiative is working on concrete actions to support the European Green Deal with a long-term vision of cutting-edge research reaching far beyond 2030.

One goal of BATTERY 2030+ is to develop a long-term roadmap for forefront sighted battery research in Europe.

The roadmap suggests research actions to radically transform the way we discover, develop, and design ultra-high-performance, durable, safe, sustainable, and affordable batteries for use in real applications. The purpose is to make a collective European research effort to support the urgent need to establish European battery cell manufacturing.

The long-term research directions are based on a “chemistry neutral approach” that will allow Europe to reach beyond the ambitious battery performance targets, along the full battery value chain, agreed upon in the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-plan) proposed by the European Commission.

Based on a Europe-wide consultation process, the BATTERY 2030+ roadmap presents three large research themes and six research areas that are needed to invent the sustainable batteries of the future.

The three themes are:

I) Accelerated discovery of interfaces and materials

  • Battery interface genome (BIG)
  • Materials acceleration platform (MAP)

II) Integration of smart functionalitites

  • Sensing
  • Self-healing

III) Cross-cutting areas

  • Manufacturability
  • Recyclability

Download the Roadmap HERE


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