Artificial intelligence boosts Morrow Batteries’ battery technology

Morrow Batteries – a Norwegian company aiming to manufacture the world’s most cost-effective and sustainable battery cellhas entered into an agreement with Citrine Informatics to utilize the Citrine Platform for Materials Informatics and artificial intelligence (AI)-guided battery development. Morrow is building a 43 GWh Giga-factory which utilizes 100% renewable energy to manufacture high-performance, cost-effective batteries with the lowest possible CO2 footprint.

In order to succeed as a young company in this industry and address global climate challenges, we need to rapidly bring innovative battery technologies to market,” said Dr. Rahul Fotedar, Co-Founder and CTO at Morrow. “The AI and data management capabilities of the Citrine Platform help us approach battery development projects with unprecedented speed and innovation.

Morrow successfully completed a pilot with Citrine Informatics earlier this year. The pilot resulted in an expanded collaboration between the two companies and strong alignment on the importance of agility in product development. The automotive industry is of particular importance to Morrow, and the Citrine Platform has helped the R&D team develop battery components that meet stringent performance, cycle life, and safety targets commanded by its customers in the auto industry.

Rapidly developing and deploying cost-effective, cutting-edge batteries is a critical enabler of a greener future,” said Greg Mulholland, CEO of Citrine Informatics. “We’re excited to partner with Morrow to bring the world’s most sustainable, cost-effective batteries to market.

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