Advanced Cell Engineering announces the commercialization of A-LFP Cathode Material

Advanced Cell Engineering Inc. (ACE) is a leading Technology Innovation Company that develops High Energy Safe A-LFP Battery Chemistry, Materials, and Cell Designs.

ACE has announced the commercial launch of its A-LFP Cathode Material
Effective immediately, Companies that use LFP and would like to dramatically improve the performance of their LFP battery cells may purchase a Technology License which enables them to use ACE’s Innovative Battery Materials.

ACE’s A-LFP Cathode Material is a high-performance cathode active material (CAM) that significantly improves the battery’s energy density, cycle life, and safety profile.

ACE designed A-LFP Cathode Material for:

  • Mass Production
  • Manufacturing using industry-standard equipment
  • Readily available raw materials
  • Highly scalable manufacturing process


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