Advance Lithium provides an update on mining law changes

Advance Lithium Corp. reports on recent developments by the Mexican government concerning lithium mining in the country. Recently announced changes to the mining laws state that all the activities related to the exploration, exploitation and profit of lithium shall be the responsibility of the yet to be formed national lithium company.

Advance Lithium has completed significant work on its claims to establish large zones of lithium, potassium and boron mineralization that starts right at the surface. Its claims are in good standing, with work completed and all legal filings in order.

It should be noted that the analysis of the company’s deposits show that the composition of the mineralization is approximately equal parts lithium and potassium. While lithium is covered by this new legislation in Mexico, potassium is not. As potassium is in high demand as a fertilizer and all potassium needed by Mexican farmers is currently imported at high cost, the company’s deposits could be in great demand. The Company’s deposits are located in close proximity to the breadbasket of Mexico close to key farming regions.

An added benefit to the potassium potential in Advance Lithium’s projects is that utilizing the patent pending extraction method for lithium and potassium, the Company can produce sulphate of potash (SOP). The price of SOP is very strong and is used to enhance certain crops for growth and adding to the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

The patent pending lithium and potassium extraction method to be used on Advance Lithium’s deposits was invented by Dr. Roberto Pérez Garibay and his team at the prestigious Center of Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute (Cinvestav-IPN) in Saltillo, Mexico.

This unique method of using electrical separation, which can benefit from using solar power, has several benefits over known methods to extract lithium from clay and fine sand deposits. After the electrical separation of the lithium, potassium and water an organic compound is applied and then the water is removed to be recycled and used many times. The existing method of extracting lithium from clay deposits requires the use of toxic chemicals, a lot of power and substantial amounts of water. Dr. Roberto Pérez Garibay and his team at Cinvestav-IPN have developed a remarkable new environmentally friendly, low cost method to extract lithium and potassium.

The potential of near term production of both lithium and potassium products puts the Company in a unique position with its salars/salt lakes deposits and looks forward to discussing the lithium opportunities with the newly formed Mexican national lithium company.

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