3DOM Alliance begins shipping samples of X-SEPA, a revolutionary separator technology

3DOM Alliance Inc. announces that samples of the X-SEPA, a revolutionary separator technology, have begun shipping. The X-SEPA, as first announced in December 2022, has a unique structure that helps to improve the performance of existing battery technologies and accelerate the speed of next-generation battery development, thereby promoting the transition to a more sustainable electric society.

Last year, 3DOM Alliance announced that preparations had been made for mass production following eight years of separator research and development. The company has now started providing X-SEPA samples to battery manufacturers around the world. 3DOM Alliance is already working to respond to requests for samples from more than ten companies and preparing to increase X-SEPA production volume by the end of the year.

The X-SEPA is comprised of multiple layers of highly heat-resistant polyimide membranes, within each a uniform three-dimensional array of pores. This unique structure allows for fine control over separator properties in each layer and overall optimization according to the application and desired battery performance. The X-SEPA thus transcends the conventional function of a separator to provide new added-value to batteries. The structure and material provide longer life, higher reliability, and high-rate discharge performance. This offers a solution to several challenges in the battery industry, including the need for adequate safety and technologies suitable for up-and-coming applications such as electric vehicles in high-temperature regions of the world or air mobility. Furthermore, the regularity of the structure allows for flexible design and optimization as well as simulation through high-precision modeling, which has the potential to drastically accelerate the battery development process.

Noco-noco Pte. Ltd. (“noco-noco”), 3DOM Alliance’s Singapore-based subsidiary, will buy long-life batteries equipped with the X-SEPA that have been manufactured by strategic allies and utilize those in services spanning battery first- and second-life use. The aim is to address environmental issues by reducing the required number of batteries in circulation by as much as 75% while maximizing the efficiency of their use. noco-noco intends to encourage this shift away from the unsustainable economic system of mass production and mass consumption through an innovative “Data & Profit Sharing” business model, in which companies that help to extend product life can gain access to battery-related information and continually receive a share of profits over the span of the product’s service life.

By reimagining the role of the separator and repositioning batteries as social infrastructure, 3DOM Alliance and noco-noco are working to address shortcomings in today’s battery industry and unlock the full potential of batteries to mitigate urgent environmental issues.

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