1,200-km range, 10-min charge: Toyota near solid-state battery breakthrough

Japanese automaker Toyota is close to being able to manufacture solid-state batteries at the same pace as existing batteries for electric vehicles, the Financial Times (FT) reported on Monday. It said that mass production of solid-state batteries may start by 2027 or 2028.

The automaker recently said it has reached a breakthrough that could halve the cost and size of these batteries. If successful, Toyota said that solid-state batteries will double the range of EVs up to 1,200 km. The charging time will be 10 minutes or less.

Last week, Toyota agreed to work with Idemitsu, a major Japanese oil company, on technology for mass production of solid-state batteries.


“With repeated efforts involving trial and error, we have succeeded in developing a material that is more stable and less prone to crack,” Toyota chief executive Koji Sato had then told reporters. “The future of mobility lies in the tie-up between the auto and energy sectors, including this innovation hailing from Japan,” he said.


Many of the world’s top automakers are working on solid-state batteries, including Toyota’s domestic rival Nissan and American manufacturer Ford.

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