Volvo Penta providing battery storage subsystem to BESS manufacturers

Volvo Penta is providing its battery energy storage subsystem to BESS manufacturers venturing into charging infrastructure support, exemplified in a recent collaboration with TecnoGen, part of BGG (Bruno Generators Group).

Earlier in 2023, Volvo Penta declared its provision of subsystems for Battery Energy Storage needs, affirming its dedication to being a dependable partner for BESS manufacturers. Since then, the company has made strides in establishing its first customer relationships.

Battery energy storage will not only bridge the gap between critical energy needs, backup power with renewable energy sources but also play an important role in supporting the growing demand for charging infrastructure. Robust charging is essential for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles and industrial applications, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable future.

This aligns with Volvo Penta’s multi-tenet industrial net-zero strategy, which spans the adoption of alternative fuels, electrification of off-highway applications, battery energy storage subsystems and fuel cell technology development.

Volvo Penta remains committed to expanding its capabilities as a subsystem supplier and collaborating with BESS manufacturers to increase knowledge and expertise to develop cutting-edge solutions that empower digitalization, enhance grid support, and optimize charging processes.

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