VoltStorage presents newly developed storage solution for commercial applications

VoltStorage, one the world‘s leading technology company for stationary storage batteries, will present the new “VoltStorage VDIUM C50“ – a newly developed storage solution for commercial applications based on particularly ecological vanadium redox flow technology – at the world‘s leading trade fair “ees Europe“ in Munich from 14 to 16 June 2023.

The Munichbased company, whose international research and development team is also the first company worldwide to work on the near-term market launch of the revolutionary iron-salt battery (Iron-Salt-Technology), will make another decisive contribution to a climate-friendly future with its new storage solution.

Our new VoltStorage VDIUM C50 storage solution is eco-friendly, safe and particularly durable and sets a new standard in the storage battery segment,“ – promises VoltStorage CEO Jakob Bitner – “It is highest quality made in Germany, because the new VoltStorage VDIUM C50 is not only developed in Munich, but also produced here“. Sales will take place via VoltStorage‘s certified specialist partners, and pre-orders via specialist
partners are now possible.

Technologically, the VDIUM C50 is based on the experience of its forerunner model. The „brain“ of the storage unit is the further developed VoltStorage Control Unit in combination with the third generation of a redox flow-specific and patented sensor system for determining the state of charge. “We have once again managed to improve our Operating Strategy with the new components and thus laid the foundation for high reliability
and long battery life,“ emphasises VoltStorage CTO Michael Peither.

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