Volta Power and Stellar Industries partner on anti-idling Li-ion system for fleet utility and work trucks

US-based Volta Power Systems, Holland, MI, has partnered with Stellar Industries Inc., Garner, Iowa, to provide lithium-ion power systems that reduce idling from fleet utility and work trucks, reports Green Car Congress. The auxiliary system stores enough energy to provide all-day power to operate hydraulics, power tools, and multiphase worksite power without idling.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, idling emits an estimated 6 billion gallons of fuel into the air each year. Many states in the U.S. have idling laws that range anywhere from no idling to 15 minutes of idling. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, eliminating personal vehicle idling would be equivalent to taking 5 million vehicles off the road. An idle-free system can fully replace or significantly reduce the need for generators or idling.

Available as an accessory to replace a traditional hydraulic system on a work truck, Stellar Industries is offering the Hybrid Power System (HPS) through its American Eagle brand.

The HPS features a 13.5 kWh, 48V automotive-grade Li-NMC battery, along with a 110V 48V chassis alternator for recharging. Dual hydraulic power units support high- and low-speed operation of hydraulic functions.

“The capabilities of the HPS will enable fleets to upfit their vehicles to meet sustainability targets, while providing the power needed to operate their hydraulic equipment. We’re proud to partner with Volta and offer their idle-free lithium-ion systems on our work trucks as our customers find this hydraulic system replacement option easy to use, quiet, and able to meet sustainability strategies” said Tim Worman, Product Manager at Stellar Industries.

As of August 2019, 23 states have idling-reduction or restrictive emissions laws in place, with many continually increasing enforcement and levying fines. Accounting for reductions on fuel, maintenance and depreciation from idling, it’s estimated the hybridized system could save operators more than $14,800 per year over a traditional chassis-driven hydraulic system.

“Volta Power Systems is meeting a genuine need for innovation in the work truck industry for reduced emissions at a quarter of the cost of a full-EV solution. These systems are scalable and flexible, meeting the specific power needs of each vehicle, regardless of chassis. Whether on a new truck or retrofit, fleet managers can green an entire fleet with a standardized platform” said Jack Johnson, CEO at Volta Power Systems.

Volta integrates the HPS into vehicles as a complete system including energy storage, under-the-hood generation through a 51V alternator, and distribution to any DC or AC voltage necessary including two and three-phase service.

Stellar Industries is an employee-owned and -operated manufacturer of hydraulic truck mounted equipment. Products include hooklift hoists, cable hoists, container carriers, telescopic cranes, articulating cranes, and work truck accessories. Stellar also offers complete mechanic service truck and tire service truck packages.

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