Volt Carbon Technologies releases mid-year test results for Li-metal pouch cells

Canada-based Volt Carbon Technologies released its mid-year test results for its proprietary lithium-ion battery. The lithium-ion batteries were manufactured at Volt Carbon’s subsidiary, Solid Ultrabattery’s facility located in Guelph, Ontario. These latest results represent the achievements of Solid Ultrabattery’s facility during the first six months of 2023.

The battery pouch cells were manufactured using the company’s proprietary technology, which incorporates composite electrolytes to enhance cycle life and battery stability. These cells were assembled with the company’s custom electrolytes and membranes, combined with the high-energy cathode NMC811 and lithium metal, resulting in fabrication of the advanced battery cells.

The lithium-metal pouch cells demonstrated substantially improved performance with 370 cycles at nearly 100% capacity. These results significantly surpass the previous findings from coin cell data, which showed 400 cycles at 81.8% capacity and were reported earlier this year.


NMC811 lithium-metal pouch cell, charge/discharge data, 3 voltages, C/3, 25 °C 33251625

The test results reinforce the company’s ambition to surpass 800 cycles and achieve 80% capacity by 2024 through its lithium-metal battery technology.

The company also unveiled a technology roadmap outlining its strategic plan for lithium-ion battery product development through to 2030.

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