Veloce Energy achieves UL Certification for VPort, category-defining battery energy storage system

Veloce Energy, a California-based electric vehicle charging and grid-edge infrastructure start-up, has received UL 9540 certification for its modular energy storage product, the VPort™.

Veloce FastGrid™ technology is reducing the cost and time to install EV charging stations. The VPort™ is a modular and scalable battery energy storage system (BESS) that is purpose-designed for EV charging stations. Uniquely, the compact, building-block configuration and customizable BESS available in increments from 40 kW/78 kWh to 120 kW/468 kWh makes the high-performance VPort™ especially well-suited to support diverse charging requirements, including space-constrained locations such as charging station islands and parking lot margins.

VPort’s simple integration with EV chargers, and ability to have capacity and duration easily increased after initial installation, can eliminate or reduce the need for distribution system upgrades. In addition to reducing total costs, energy storage enhances reliability and resiliency, an increasingly critical requirement for EV charging in the face of natural disasters and a less reliable electric grid. “Veloce is excited about our VPort™ receiving UL9540 certification less than 10 months after we started funded development”, said Jeff Wolfe, CEO and Co-founder at Veloce Energy. “With the projected exponential growth in transport electrification, we are looking forward to reducing the costs of the infrastructure needs of our customers and partners across vehicle classes and charging configurations.”

According to Wood Mackenzie (May 2021), battery electric vehicles (BEVs) will be the dominant form of road transport accounting for 56 percent of all vehicle sales by 2050. This is an accelerated projection and reflected Q1 2021 EV sales that show a 66 percent increase over the same period last year, as well as a share increase from 2.9 percent to 4.5 percent. Mirroring this vehicle growth, the number of charging outlets is projected to grow to 550 million globally.

Mike Schenck, VP Product & Technology and co-founder at Veloce Energy, added “The Veloce Power Systems Team and Intertek quickly executed this Listing; It is a testament to the experience, skill, and ability of the team. We appreciate and highly value the rigor with which Intertek tested the VPort™, ensuring the components are safely integrated and operated. Veloce prides itself on developing safe, efficient, and innovative high-performance systems that solve real-world problems.”

About Veloce Energy
Veloce Energy is a California-based technology provider enabling the electrification of transportation by removing the physical and financial barriers to EV charging and the development of grid-edge infrastructure. Veloce’s FastGrid™ technology supports modular and flexible infrastructure solutions, with the intent to reduce costs, streamline deployment and provide resiliency. Veloce’s interoperable charging station solutions utilize open standards and enable EV station operators, EV charger manufacturers, site hosts, and utilities to dynamically manage charging loads, enhancing existing grid resources.

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