V-TAC announces launch of high voltage battery energy storage systems in the UK and EU

New renewables equipment manufacturer V-TAC is set to launch the VESS Mini and the VESS Mini Plus for utility-scale and industrial PV systems.

The VESS Mini is a complete energy storage system designed with an intelligent monitoring system for remote analysis, troubleshooting, and basic monitoring. It will be available in 30K and 60K.

For residential and systems with lower energy requirements, V-TAC offers a LiFePO4 battery with a storage capacity of 20 kWh and a rated voltage of 204.8 V. It has a depth of discharge (DOD) of 8000 cycles at 80 percent.

With the record-level hike of energy prices in Europe, the brand has focused its research & development efforts on developing its energy storage range with higher capacities for larger scale systems and helping clients achieve their ROI fast” said a V-TAC representative. “Through our strengthened logistics channels, the VESS Mini and the VESS Mini Plus will be available ninety (90) days after order placement and can be shipped to any country in the UK and EU. Our partner distributors in Europe also offer a ten-year warranty to provide quality assurance to our clients.

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