TotalEnergies commissions a 25 MWh energy storage site with Saft battery containers in Carling, France.

TotalEnergies – a global multi-energy company that produces and markets energies – has launched a battery energy storage site with a 25 MWh storage capacity at its Carling platform. This project is part of the storage capacities awarded in response to the long-term call for tenders (AOLT) from the French Electricity Transmission Network (RTE).

It is located on the Carling platform, which combines two gas-fired and battery power plants and illustrates the company’s multi-energy strategy.

After the start-up of operations in Dunkirk of the largest storage site in France with a 61 MWh storage capacity, Carling is the second site built for the AOLT. It responds to the needs of grid stabilization and electricity supply during power consumption peaks in France, especially in winter.

It is made up of 11 lithium-ion battery containers designed and assembled by Saft, TotalEnergies’ battery affiliate which notably develops cutting-edge battery technologies for the industry. With 86 MW of capacity already installed, TotalEnergies will deliver a third site by the end of 2022 to finalize the project portfolio for RTE.

TotalEnergies’ multi-energy strategy is illustrated at the Carling platform, where the company is diversifying its activities by producing and storing electricity:

  • Two combined cycle gas turbine power plants
  • Electricity storage through the commissioning of the storage site

On the Carling platform, TotalEnergies also has several production units, which make it one of the leading European centers on the polymer and hydrocarbon resin market, and it also strives to develop green chemistry by supporting the establishment of industrial producers active in this segment.

Jean-Henri Culerier, VP Energy Storage Solutions at TotalEnergies, said: “In a desire to contribute to the renewable energy ambition of Carling and its region, TotalEnergies is proud, through its storage site, to be a partner participating in the industrial future of the Lorraine region as well as a partner guaranteeing the stability of the RTE network.

Corinne Loigerot, Director of TotalEnergies Carling, said: “This project is fully in line with TotalEnergies’ climate ambition of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, together with society.

Hervé Amossé, VP Energy Storage Solutions at Saft, said: “Saft’s lithium-ion storage solutions for renewable energy and its electricity network services, which are modular and replicable, enable TotalEnergies to deploy new applications to further improve energy efficiency in France, ensuring the safety throughout every phase of the project, from its design to its commissioning.”

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