SUPPLIERS – Battery and cell production equipment, tools, accessories & services

In this section you will find a list of worldwide suppliers of battery cell, module and battery pack production machinery, equipment, assembly lines, instruments, tools, components, accessories, software and services.

CompanyCountryProductionStock ExchangeSymbolNotes
Abertax Technologies Ltd.MaltaBattery monitoring systems, electrolyte level sensors, gas release systems
Accumalux S.A.LuxembourgPlastic components
Accumation GmbHGermanyBattery production machinery
Accurate ProductsDenmarkEquipment for production of lead acid batteries
AkumsanTurkeyPlastic boxes and lids
Algolion Ltd.United KingdomBattery hazard detection and prevention software solution
Amada Weld TechGermanyEquipment & systems for battery pack laser welding, welding of conductive battery interconnections, laser marking, laser cutting, resistance welding, micro TIG weldingParent company: Amada Weld Tech Co., Ltd.
Ametek Inc. - Scientific InstrumentsUnited StatesBattery analyzers, potentiostatsNYSEAME
Ansys, Inc.United StatesEngineering simulation
Anzaplan-Dorfner Analysenzentrum und Anlagenplanungs GmbhGermanyProcess design, engineering services, consulting in battery mineral and metal projectsParent company: Dorfner Group
Arbin InstrumentsUnited StatesTesting equipment
Asita SrlItalyInstruments
Ateq SAFranceBattery module balancers
ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc.CanadaBattery assembling technologyToronto Stock ExchangeATA.TO
Aumatech SrlItalyAssembling lines
BaSyTec GmbHGermanyBattery test systems
Batek Makina Ltd.TurkeyAutomatic assembling lines and machines
Batter Fly SrlItalyInstruments
BatteryCheck s.r.o.Czech RepublicBattery lifecycle analytics
BatteryDAQUnited StatesBattery monitoring systems
Battery MetricCanadaBattery test solutions
Be Cae & Test SrlItalyVirtual simulation and testing software
Bender GmbH & Co. KGGermanyElectrical safety systems and solutions
Bernard Dumas SAFranceBattery separatorsParent company: Hokuetsu Group
bfs batterie füllungs systeme GmbHGermanyBattery watering systems for lead-acid batteries
Binder GmbhGermanyBattery test chambers
BioLogic Sciences InstrumentsFranceBattery cyclers
Bitrode CorporationUnited StatesBattery formation and laboratory test equipment, software tools, battery simulation and manufacturing automation toolsParent company: Sovema
BM-Rosendahl Nextrom GmbHGermanyBattery assembling machines and complete lines
Bry-Air (Asia) Pvt. Ltd.IndiaDry rooms
BTS-Battery Technology Source Co. Ltd.TaiwanLead-acid battery manufacturing equipment
Bühler GroupSwitzerlandTwin-screw electrode slurry mixers and solutions for wet grinding active materials and precursors
Cadenza Innovation Inc.United StatesCylindrical jelly rolls, large prismatic cells, housing support material
CAM SrlItalyBall mills and curing chambers for lead acid battery production
Cellusuede Products, Inc, United StatesFiber for lead-acid battery manufacturing
Chemours - The Chemours CompanyUnited StatesNafion™ membranes (synthetic polymers with ionic properties) for flow batteriesNYSECC
Chroma ATE, Inc.TaiwanTest and measurement instrumentation
CMWTEC Technologie GmbHGermanyFinishing line equipment
​Comau SpaItalyAssembly systems for battery packs and modulesParent company: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V.
Comsol, Inc.United StatesMathematical modeling software
Continuus-Properzi SpaItalyIngot casting machines, self-annealing micro-rolling machines
CTT Technical Ltd.United KingdomLead-acid battery manufacturing equipment
Dexmet CorporationUnited StatesExpanded metal foils and plasticsParent company: PPG Industries, Inc.
Digatron Power Electronics GmbHGermanyTest and formation charging systems
Ditec Engineering SpaItalyLead-acid battery manufacturing equipment
Dürr Systems, Inc.United StatesElectrode manufacturing complete systems (Li-ion batteries)
Eagle Oxide ServicesUnited StatesLead oxide production systems
Eirich - Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich GmbH & Co KGGermanyPreparation technology
EL-Cell GmbHGermanyBattery test equipment. Cell test systems: test cells, potentiostats and control software
Energyx - Energy Exploration TechnologiesUnited StatesSeparation membrane technology, electrolyte technology
Enevate CorporationUnited StatesAnode active material technology
Ferrazza SrlItalyLead acid battery assembly and finishing plants
Freudenberg SEGermanySealing technologies
Global Energy InnovationsSouth AfricaBattery monitoring and testing equipmentParent company: Applied Power Technologies
Goonvean Fibres Ltd.United KingdomFibre for lead acid batteries
Gridtential Energy, Inc.United StatesSilicon wafer plates
Hadi Maschinenbau GmbHAustriaLead acid battery manufacturing machines and complete systems
Hesse GmbHGermanyUltrasonic welding machines for battery packs
Hollingsworth & VoseUnited StatesSeparators
Inbatec GmbHGermanyLead acid battery manufacturing machines, acid mixing units
Infineon Technologies AGGermanyBattery management sensing ICs, battery management transceiver ICsFrankfurt Stock ExchangeIFX.DE
ITS-International Thermal SystemsUnited StatesHumidity/drying chambers, plate dryers, trim thermal degreaser ovens
Ivium Technologies BVThe NetherlandsBattery cyclers
Jiangsu Jinfan Power Technology Co., Ltd.ChinaLead acid battery manufacturing machines, special equipment for lithium-ion battery production
Johnson Matthey Battery SystemsPolandConsulting and planning, prototype services, testing services, cell selection, production
Jonas & Redmann Group GmbHGermanyLithium-ion battery cell production machines, module production machines,
Kampf Schneid- und Wickeltechnik GmbH & Co. KGGermanySlitting and winding technology
Ketex - Amer-Sil Ketex Private LimitedIndiaLead acid batteries tubular bags both woven and non-woven, PVC silica separators and plastic componentsParent company: Amer-Sil S.A.
KULR Technology Group, Inc.United StatesThermal management technologiesOTCKULR
La Peumatica SrlItalyLead acid battery complete lines for assembly, formation and finishing
Linyi Gelon LIB Co., Ltd.ChinaLithium-ion battery cell production machines and components
MAC EngineeringUnited StatesLead acid battery production machinery
Maccor, Inc.United StatesBattery and cell test equipment
MAHLE Powertrain LtdUnited KingdomThermal management, powertrain integration, battery testing
Manika Moulds Pvt. Ltd.IndiaBattery casings
Manz AGGermanyProduction equipment for lithium-ion battery cells, modules and packs, capacitors
Mathis - Werner Mathis AGGermanyCoating systems , dryers, ovens
Microporous Inc.United StatesSeparators
Miltec UVUnited StatesBinders, Coating & Curing systems for making ceramic separators, cathode & LTO anodes
Morrell Inc.United StatesBattery cycling DC testing solutions
MTA SpaItalyConnectors, terminals, fuses
Münstermann-Bernd Münstermann GmbH & Co. KGGermanyEquipment for the production of battery plates, curing chambers
Nagano AutomationJapanProduction lines for laminate (pouch) type cells, assembly lines for 18650 (cylindrical ) cells and capacitors
Nefab ABSwedenLithium battery packaging solutions, warehouse management, packing services, and returnable management
NETZSCH - Erich Netzsch GmbH & Co. Holding KGGermanyGraphite spheroidization / rounding equipment,
NovonixCanadaBattery testing equipment, high precision coulometry
OAK Press Solutions Inc.United StatesLead acid battery production presses
O.M. Impianti Srl - NBEItalyLead acid battery complete production plants
Owens CorningUnited StatesSeparators
Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbHGermanyMixing systems, vacuum drying, electrolyte filling, formation, leak detection
Plasmatreat GmbHGermanyPlasma coating systems, wear protection coatings for electrode systems, insulation coating systems, plasma surface cleaning systems
Polaris Battery Labs, LLUnited StatesMaterial and rheology, electrode development, cell assembly, testing, business and technical consultingOTCNVNXF
Polyworld Sdn BhdMalaysiaBattery plastic containers, boxes
Poweroad (Xiamen) Renewable Energy Technology Co., Ltd.ChinaBattery tab laser-welding machines
Rheinmetall AGGermanyHousings for batteriesFrankfurt Stock ExchangeRHM.DE
Sakor Technologies Inc.United StatesTest cell supervisory systems, battery simulators and test systems
SBS-Storage Battery Systems, LLCUnited StatesBattery monitoring and testing instruments
ScantechFranceThickness measurement instruments
Schmalz GmbHGermanyBattery vacuum handling systems
Schunk Sonosystems GmbHGermanyUltrasonic metal welding systems, from cell production to wiring and battery contacting
Scientific Climate SystemsUnited StatesDry rooms, test chambers
Scribner Associates Inc.United StatesBattery test systems, redox flow cell test systems
Simpro SpaItalyBattery pack test benches
Sorfin Yoshimura GroupUnited StatesManufacturing equipment, raw materials, replacement parts, consumables, technical services to battery manufacturers
Soudax ÉquipementsFranceWelding systems, resistance welding assembly machines
Sovema Group SpaItalyEquipment for lithium-ion cell and module production, turnkey solutions for lead-acid battery manufacturing, formation systems for lead-acid and lithium-ion storage technologies, laboratory and production line testing systems for all battery chemistries
TBS Engineering LtdUnited KingdomLead acid battery production machinery
TE ConnectionUnited States / SwitzerlandConnectors, holders, distribution units
Tecman Speciality Materials LtdUnited KingdomThermally conductive adhesive tapes for battery development
Thermal Hazard TechnologyUnited KingdomBattery performance calorimeters, isothermal calorimeters
TRUMPF GmbHGermanyLaser machines, additive production system, plasma technology, surface treatment technology
Weiss TechnikGermanyTest bench for lithium-ion batteries, test chambersParent company: Oskar Schunck GmbH & Co. KG
Wirtz Mfg Co., Inc. United StatesLead acid battery equipment
Woll Maschinenbau GmbHGermanyLithium battery
assembly lines
Zesar Battery Technologies Co. LtdTurkeyLead acid battery equipment and machinery
Zibo Xinxu Mechanical & Electrical Co., LtdChinaBattery production equipment

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