SUPPLIERS – Battery materials

In this section you will find a list of worldwide suppliers of battery materials (anode materials, cathode materials, metal foils, electrolytes, additives, binders, electrodes, etc.).

CompanyCountryProductionStock ExchangeSymbolNotes
3M CompanyUnited StatesElectrolyte, additivesNYSEMMM
Ahlstrom-MunksjöFinlandFibrous materialsHelsinki Stock ExchangeAM1.HE
Akzo Nobel Powder Coatings GmbH - ResicoatThe NetherlandsPowder coatingsAmsterdam Stock ExchangeAKZA.AS
Altech Chemicals LimitedAustraliaSilicon anode materialAustralian Securities ExchangeATC.AX
Altris ABSwedenSodium based cathode material
Ampcera, Inc.United StatesElectrolyte (solid-state)
Armor S.A.FranceCurrent collectors
Asahi Kasei CorporationJapanSeparators-microporous membranes, modified PPE lightweight material, particle foamTokyo Stock Exchange3407.T
Ascend Performance MaterialsUnited StatesBattery seals
ATP adhesive systems AGSwitzerlandAdhesive tapes and films
BASF SEGermanyCathode active materials, electrolyteFrankfurt Stock ExchangeBAS.DE
BioSolar, Inc.United StatesSilicon anode materialOTCBSRC
Black Diamond StructuresUnited StatesCarbon nanotubes
BASF TODA Battery Materials LLC Japan / United StatesNickel cathode active materialsA jv between BASF SE and Toda Kogyo Corp.
Borregaard ASANorwayAdditivesOslo Stock ExchangeBRG.OL
BYK - ALTANA GroupGermanyAdditivesParent company: ALTANA AG
Cabot CorporationUnited StatesAdditives, activated carbonsNYSECBT
Celanese CorporationUnited StatesPolymers, separatorsNYSECE
Celgard, LLCUnited StatesSeparatorsParent company: Asahi Kasei
Chemours - The Chemours CompanyUnited StatesNafion™ membranes for flow batteriesNYSECC
Covestro AGGermanyPolycarbonate blendsFrankfurt Stock Exchange1COV.DE
Delft IMPThe NetherlandsContinuous nanocoatings - atomic layer deposition (ALD) - on cathode and anode materials
Directa Plus SpaItalyGrapheneLondon Stock ExchangeDCTA.L
Doosan Solus Co., Ltd.KoreaElectro materials, copper foilsKorea Exchange33637L.KSParent company: Doosan Corporation
DST Innovations LtdUnited KingdomHard carbon
DuPont de Nemours, Inc.United StatesAdhesives, high-performance elastomers, electronic materials and high-performance fibers and films NYSEDD
E-magy BVThe NetherlandsSilicon anode material for EV batteries
Echion Technologies Ltd.United KingdomNb-based anode materials
Ecopro BM. Co., Ltd.KoreaCathode materialsKorea Exchange247540.KQ
Elkem ASANorwayAnode materials, graphite and high-content silicon battery materialsOslo Stock ExchangeELK.OL
Engineered Fluids, LLC / ChemFoundry, Inc.United StatesAdditives, dielectric coolants
Ecellix Inc.United StatesAnode materials
Faradion LimitedUnited KingdomNon-aqueous sodium-ion cell material
First Graphene LtdUnited KingdomGrapheneASX Australian Securities ExchangeFGR.AX
Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.JapanCopper foilsTokyo Stock Exchange5801.T
General Graphene CorporationUnited StatesCVD polycrystalline sheet graphene
Global Graphene GroupUnited StatesGraphene
Graphmatech ABSwedenGraphene
Group14 Technologies, Inc.United StatesSilicon-carbon powder
Guotai Huarong (Zhangjiagang) New Chemical Materials Co.,Ltd. ChinaElectrolyte
HammondUnited StatesAdditives, oxides
Hanwha Total Petrochemical Co., Ltd.KoreaSeparatorsA joint venture between Hanwha General Chemicals and Total S.A.
Henkel AG & Co. KGaAGermanyAdhesives and sealantsFrankfurt Stock ExchangeHEN3.DE
Hollingsworth & Vose Inc.United StatesSeparators
Hopax - Taiwan Hopax Chemicals Mfg. Co., LtdTaiwanAdditives
HPQ Silicon Resources Inc.CanadaSilicon nano powdersTSX Venture ExchangeHPQ.V
ILJIN Materials Co., Ltd.KoreaCopper foilsKorea Exchange020150.KS
Imerys Graphite & Carbon Switzerland SASwitzerlandCarbon materials: primary synthetic graphite, natural graphite, conductive carbon black and silicon carbide. Additives
Ionic Materials, Inc.United StatesSolid polymer electrolyte material
Isovolta AGAustriaElectrical and thermal insulator materials
Italmatch Chemicals SpaItalyAdditives
L&F Co. Ltd.KoreaCathode active materialsKorea Exchange066970.KQ
Johnson Matthey PlcUnited KingdomCathode materials: lithium nickel oxide (eLNO), low cobalt cathode materialLondon Stock ExchangeJMAT.L
JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corp.JapanCopper foils
Lanxess AGGermanyThermoplastics, thermoplastic composite materialsFrankfurt Stock ExchangeLXS.DE
Le System Co., Ltd.JapanVRFB electrolyte
LeydenJar Technologies BVThe NetherlandsSilicon anodes and its production equipment
Lorad Chemical CorporationUnited StatesInorganic compounds for lithium-ion batteries,
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.JapanElectrolyteOTCMITUYPart of the Mitsui Group
Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd.JapanCopper foilsPart of the Mitsui Group
M&I Materials Ltd.United KingdomDielectric coolants
MU Ionic Solutions CorporationJapanElectrolyteA joint venture between Ube Industries, Ltd. and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
Nano One Materials Corp. CanadaCathode materialsToronto Stock ExchangeNNO.V
Nanoramic LaboratoriesUnited StatesBattery and
ultracapacitor electrodes
NanoXplore Inc.CanadaGrapheneTSX Venture ExchangeGRA.V
NEI CorporationUnited StatesCathode and anode powders, electrode sheets, solid electrolytes
NEO Battery Materials IncCanadaSilicon-based hybrid anode materialTSX Venture ExchangeFormerly: Pan Andean Minerals Ltd.
Nexeon Ltd.United KingdomSilicon-based anode materialParent company:
Wacker Chemie AG
Nippon Shokubai Co., Ltd.JapanElectrolyteTokyo Stock Exchange4114.T
NouryonThe NetherlandsCarboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) polymer
Orion Engineered Carbons S.A.LuxembourgCarbon black, additivesNYSEOEC
Owens Corning United StatesSeparators
Panax Etec Co., Ltd. - Dongwha ElectrolyteKoreaElectrolyteKorea Exchange025900.KQParent company: Dongwha Enterprise Co.,Ltd
Paraclete Energy, Inc.United StatesSilicon anode material
Penox GmbHGermanyAdditives
Polypore International, LPUnited StatesSeparatorsParent company: Asahi Kasei
POSCO Chemical Co., Ltd.KoreaAnode and cathode materialsKorea Stock Exchange003670.KSParent company: POSCO
Prayon S.A.BelgiumLithium iron phosphate
Proionic GmbHAustriaElectrolyte
Rec Silicon ASANorway/United StatesSilicon-carbon anode materialOslo Stock ExchangeREC.OLJv between Group14 Technologies, Inc. and Rec Silicon ASA
Rogers CorporationUnited StatesCopper foils, ceramic substrates, busbar solutionsNYSEROG
Saft Groupe S.A.FranceElectrolyteParent company: Total SE. Production: workshop at Poitiers, France
Schunk Carbon TechnologyGermanyCarbon and graphite materials
SGL Carbon SEGermanyCarbon and graphite materials, additivesFrankfurt Stock ExchangeSGL.DE
Shenzhen Capchem Technology Co., Ltd.ChinaElectrolyteShenzhen Stock Exchange300037.SZ
Showa Denko Packaging Co., Ltd.KoreaAluminum laminated film-packaging material for lithium ion battery, carbon nanofiber
SEMCORP-Shanghai Energy New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.ChinaSeparators
Sicona Battery Technologies Pty Ltd.AustraliaSilicon-graphite composite anode and polymer binder materials
Sila Nanotechnologies Inc.United StatesSilicon-based anode materialParent company: Daimler AG
SilatronixUnited StatesSilicon-based electrolyte
SK IE Technology Co., Ltd.KoreaSeparatorsA wholly-owned subsidiary of SK Innovation. Production line in Poland
SK NexilisKoreaCopper foilsParent company: SK Group
SK IE Technology Co., Ltd.ChinaSeparatorsFactory in Changzhou, China. Parent company: SK Group
Solvay S.A.BelgiumSpecialty polymers, dielectric coolantsBrussels Stock ExchangeSOLB.BR
Soulbrain MIUnited StatesElectrolyte
Sumisho Metalex Corp.JapanElectrode materials, Cu foils, Al foils, separators, binders
Targray Technology International Inc.CanadaFoil materials, packaging materials, cathode materials, electrolyte, dry cells, binders, aluminum laminate composite pouch material, battery grade graphite powders
Teijin LimitedJapanSeparatorsTokyo Stock Exchange3401.T
Tianjin Jinniu Power Sources Material Co., Ltd.ChinaElectrolyte
Tinci - Guangzhou Tinci Materials Technology Co., Ltd.ChinaElectrolyteShenzhen Stock Exchange002709.SZ
Tirupati Graphite - Tirupati Carbons & Chemicals Pvt LtdIndiaGraphene
Toda Kogyo Corp.JapanLithium cobaltate, lithium-nickel oxide, lithium manganateTokyo Stock Exchange4100.T
Ube Industries, Ltd.JapanSeparatorsTokyo Stock Exchange4208.T
Vspc Ltd. - Very Small Particle Co. Ltd.Australia Cathode materialsParent company: Lithium Australia NL
Washington MillsUnited StatesSilicon carbide grains and powders
Wieland GroupGermanyCopper foils
Wildcat Discovery Technologies Inc.United StatesDevelopment of advanced materials for rechargeable and primary batteries
Zeon CorporationJapanAnode materialsTokyo Stock Exchange4205.T
Zeto - Jiangxi Zhengtuo New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.ChinaAnode materials
Zhuhai Smoothway Electronic Materials Co., Ltd ChinaElectrolyte

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