Superior Graphite to build 24.000 ton per Annum Active Anode Material Capacity at 1/3 the CapEx Cost

Superior Graphite plans to construct a USD180 million anode materials facility to meet the accelerating demand for EV’s and energy storage in the North American and European markets. The company’s state-of-the-art Anode Active Material (AAM) enables and accelerates the energy transition. The main facility will be in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, with additional capacity in Sundsvall, Sweden. Superior Graphite’s innovative production technology and established operations at these locations result in a continuous production process, significantly reducing capital requirements and operational costs.

Our technology and product brands are trusted by high-volume customers worldwide. Our unique technology uses approximately 70% less electricity, labor, and space compared to traditional production processes. The carbon footprint is reduced by nearly 85%, and the cost savings for EV companies are substantial,” says Ed Carney, CEO of Superior Graphite.

The Graphite supply chain has several significant challenges, including mining practices, emissions, pollution, and geopolitical concentration, require attention. Transparent, fair, and eco-friendly supply chains for batteries are crucial for the future battery value chain, and battery end-users. The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is vital in establishing a North American EV value chain, mandating the majority of battery materials and components to be sourced in free trade agreement countries.

“We, as producers, have the responsibility to also remain competitive and profitable in the years after the incentives are phased out,” says Carney.

Superior Graphite plans to commence production at the new facility in 2026 in the US and Sweden by leveraging existing organization and infrastructure. The company will raise funds to finance the 24,000-ton facility and has appointed Accelerate Capital and Stanhope Capital to manage the capital raise.

Our new capacity will be up and running in 2026 and will be the first phase of the planned expansion to even larger quantities of AAM material, which the market is in desperate need of, without having to substantially increase our company headcount or total production output in this first stage,” says Carney. “At the same time, we look forward to continuing to service our existing customers.”

Superior Graphite has developed battery-grade anode active material that outperforms current industry standards. Its unique production technology allows for the creation of anode active material from synthetic graphite, natural graphite, or recycled materials.

With a product that is more cost-effective to produce, structurally more sustainable, and filling an important gap for decarbonizing the planet, the company is set to grow significantly in this space,” says Carsten Wehling, COO of Superior Graphite.

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