Sumitomo Electric launches the SEVD-V3E DC charger/discharger connector cable assembly for EVs

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd., Osaka, Japan, has launched a new CHAdeMO-compatible*1 DC Quick-Charger/Discharger Connector Cable Assembly for electric vehicles (EVs), the SEVD-V3E. The new assembly maintains the high level of safety, durability, compactness and light weight of the previous model, but features a completely new design with a novel mechanism that allows the connector to be inserted to and removed from an EV in a single action.

DC charging/discharging transmits a considerably higher level of electric energy than that generated by general home appliances; thus, the equipment used for this purpose requires a higher level of safety. Sumitomo Electric’s compact, lightweight and easy-to-operate DC Quick-Charger/Discharger Connector Cable Assembly for EVs, the SEVD-V3E, complies with the international safety standard IEC62196-3 and satisfies the highly safe CHAdeMO specifications. The new model has adopted a mechanism that enables easy connection to an EV with a single action.

Features of the SEVD-V3E DC Quick Charger/Discharger Connector Cable Assembly for EVs are:

Excellent operability and usability
You just plug it into a vehicle-side inlet. SEVD-V3E is compact and lightweight; you can operate it with one hand.

User-friendly design
The new color and compact design make it perfectly suitable for use at home.

Highly durable and flexible cable
The strong rubber-based jacket withstands repeated bending, twisting, tensioning, and drawing.

Safety design
The safety-conscious design for critical points such as joints between electric wires and terminals and cable grippers, in addition to abnormality detection by microswitches, prevent accidents.

For many years, Sumitomo Electric has been working to develop connector cable assemblies for EVs. The Company will continue striving to develop connector cables that are safe, secure and easy to use, and contribute to the realization of environmentally friendly.

*1        CHAdeMO is a trademark of the CHAdeMO Association.

*2   SEVD-V3 (Japanese specifications) is scheduled to be released in February 2021.

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