Southern Norway welcomes Morrow Batteries to “The Battery coast”

Morrow Batteries AS, Oslo, Norway, has received 19 specific location proposals for its new green industry initiative. According to the plan, the first construction phase of the battery factory will be completed in 2024.

“We have been met with an incredible enthusiasm and interest from the whole region,  reflected in the number of proposals received. The fact that we have been sent 19 specific proposals for locating the battery factory demonstrates what opportunities and desire that exist in the region”, says Terje Andersen, CEO of Morrow Batteries. Andersen is impressed with the mobilization that has taken place in southern Norway since the announcement of the battery factory was made public in June. The company is currently reviewing the proposals in full swing and expects to announce which providers have been selected for further dialogue and negotiations in early October.

According to the plan, the Board of Morrow will decide on the location by the end of the year.

“Regardless of which location we choose, the ripple effects of such a factory will be great for the entire region”, Andersen comments. “The fact that Sørlandet is now ready with 19 good location alternatives that are just waiting for new industry is an important point the providers and the region must take further”, says Andersen.

Welcome to «The Battery coast»

Large amounts of renewable electricity, proximity to raw material suppliers and to European markets are factors that make the region particularly interesting for new industry. From Porsgrunn, with Herøya at the forefront, in the east of Norway, to the Lister area in the west, there is everything you need to ensure an efficient and sustainable value chain within batteries.

“We must make the good conditions that exist here evident. If Norway and Agder wants to, then Morrow is just the start of a new industrial adventure”, says Andersen, who is no stranger to inviting international stakeholders to what he himself calls “the Battery coast”.

Criteria for selection of location for the battery factory:

  • Availability and size/suitability of location – the factory has a need for a relatively large plot, and it is important that it is suitable and accessible for industry

  • Electricity – proximity to infrastructure for large amounts of clean energy

  • Logistics – there are many employees and significant amounts of materials going in and out of the factory. Critical to have good, innovative and environmentally friendly solutions.

  • Access to skills and manpower – the factory itself is expected to eventually employ 2,000 – 2,500 highly competent employees

  • Local environment – least possible intervention in the local environment

  • Access to water for cooling – the factory needs water for cooling

  • Proximity to high-competence environments, universities and other industries

Morrow attaches great importance to be a responsible player and to work closely with local authorities.

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